RV parking for UTL2 question

Submitted by Bleedin9Blue on August 26th, 2013 at 7:29 PM

So... I'm going to UTL2 after being forced to miss UTL1*.  For normal games, my family parks just south of the Kroger on industrial.  But, for Notre Dame my brother-in-law and I are planning on borrowing an RV to tailgate properly.  And, to tailgate properly, we're planning on going to either the Golf Course or Pioneer.


My question for those on the board more experienced with RV tailgating is: do I need to buy an RV pass for either the Golf Course or Pioneer, or can I just drive the RV to either location sufficiently early and expect to get in?


Unfortunately, online I can only find season RV passes for either the Golf Course or Pioneer - I cannot find a single game pass for either location.  Thus, if I must buy a pass and cannot find one on Stubhub, am I already too late to acquire one?


Or, if I can just drive up, what time would the MGoBoard recommend I show up?


Essentially, any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated.  As you can guess, I've never personally tailgated at Michigan with an RV so I don't know all the ins-and-outs.  Therefore, any tips would be greatly appreciated.


*I was the best man in a wedding... in Ohio... and all her family were Buckeyes.  Still, I got to see the 4th quarter live so I can't complain too much.



August 26th, 2013 at 7:47 PM ^

I've always bought Friday night and had no trouble at Pioneer. It is expensive though just warning you $250. No facilities (water hook up, AC power etc.) Make sure that thing has a full tank of fuel for the day because the generator will burn it up running all day and you wont be able to get any. I don't think you can get on the Golf Course with an RV. Just around it. Pioneer is your best bet, perfect location and short walk. Gates open up at 11:00PM on Friday I'd go then and park and set it up since it doesnt cost extra less crap to deal with in the morning. Pay when you pull in to park that night. 



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Your advice is great but lets clear up a few things. First, you can't buy a pass dr tne blue
Lot as it is reserved on an annual basis and you must have a huge amount of priority points (>800). Second, for UTL, there was a strict provision that no Lot was to open until noon. Not sure if people were allowed into Pioneer the night before or not bwcause back then, Puoneer parking was not run/overseen by the AD facilities manager... Now it is. I tried to get into the Blue Lot at 8 am for
UTL and was asked to return at noon. At 11:55 am, I was asked to circle the block and a hundred-dollar handshake wasn't enough to get in any earlier. It was very strict and extremely ridiculous. Does
Anyone know if this policy will be in place again for UTL2?

UPDATE: All lots open at NOON per UM parking info. DAMN!!!


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You can see the RVs Friday night lining up in the turn lane of Main to turn into Pioneer. Plan on waiting. Good luck!

(And the way the 4th went last time, I can only imagine what happens when you watch the whole game).

Doctor Wolverine

August 26th, 2013 at 11:13 PM ^

We took an RV to UTL 1 as part of a bachelor party (yes it was the best bachelor party ever, except for the groom-to-be since he was a ND fan). Anyway, we were in line for Pioneer probably around 8 or 9 Friday night and after waiting a couple hours got turned away once the lot was full! We ended up parking (against the rules) at the tennis courts. The police came by, but there were enough RVs doing the same thing that they let us stay. I think we ended up paying the equivalent of 4 car spaces, which was still a lot cheaper than Pioneer.

Bane of Gargamel

August 27th, 2013 at 1:04 PM ^

I've been waiting for someone to create a tailgating post about UTL2 so I could jump on and get some opinions (despite checking the website 16,000 times a day, I only post once every 2 years so I cannot start my own).  No RV but I intend to tailgate on the golf course. 1) What would be a good time to show up to make sure we'll get a spot on the course?  This 8pm start has me thrown off; 2) Since the game will be on ESPN & I do not intend to buy a dish, those in my party not lucky enough to have a ticket will not have a way to view the game. What would the best solution be? Depend on the kindness of other tailgaters with a dish set up?  Go to a bar?  Any opinions would be appreciated.  Thanks.


August 29th, 2013 at 12:37 AM ^

Unsure if this helps and/or is applicable to RV's, but my understanding for the majority of us w/o an RV is the main tailgating locations will not be opening until noon on Saturday...


Scroll down to the asterisks @ the bottom of the page.

Granted maybe through www.michiganeventparking.com, you might be able to get in and/or on sooner.

Lastly, can’t remember if UTL 1 shared the noon start, but wanted to say it did.  All I can remember is the rain that morning, causing me to panic and/or question were we would tailgate.