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Submitted by bml on September 20th, 2016 at 1:09 AM

From poking around online I gathered that the lower deck visiting fans' section in Rutgers' stadium might be 112 or 113. I called Rutgers' box office and the guy there said it's 112. However, he didn't seem to know what he was talking about. Anyone know what it actually is?



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I'm picturing something similar to "road games" at Northwestern when M fans basically take over the whole stadium. All their sections are belong to us.

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Nobody wants to be Ohio State out there. Nobody outside of crappy Paramus cares about college football out there. Nobody can find Michigan on a map out there.

The last time anyone at Rutgers thought about Michigan was in '89, and they were happy because Seton Hall lost.

Oh wait. I forgot. They thought about Michigan in 2014.


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Yeah down voted you.  Michigan is a state where they care about college football, Jersey is not.  Michigan is a state full of very nice people, Jersey is not.  Michigan has no equivalent to Jersey Shore paesan, meatBall, GTL types.  Michigan has gorgeous areas especially up North, Jersey is a giant parking lot.  Jersey is unique.  No other stat is like it.  You could say there are a lot of states like Michigan in terms of kind people, beautiful scenery, culture like Minnesota, Indiana, etc.  But Michigan is better than all of them.  

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Michiganders can get a little edgy. Ever try to take the open lane in a merge? (LEARN THE ZIPPER METHOD, PLEASE.)


Yes, Michiganders, like Jerseyans, drive like maniacs, more than anyone in any other state I’ve visited.


And there’s Detroit. And there’s Newark. And there's Dearborn. And there's Jersey City. And there's Flint. And there's Camden.


Great schools. Michigan has Michigan & State. New Jersey has Rutgers and Princeton.


Great football in Ann Arbor. Great football in East Rutherford. Bad football in Detroit. Bad football in Piscataway.


No guidos in Michigan. (No guidos anywhere else.) But Eminem and Kid Rock and Jack White would do just fine in NJ. …


Michigan has gorgeous areas up north. Jersey has gorgeous areas up north (black bear country and Appalachian Trail), down south (Pine Barrens), out east (Atlantic coastline) and in the west (horse country & Delaware River).


And it’s not nicknamed the Garden State because it’s a “giant parking lot.” Michigan is proud of their cherries. The same way Jersey is with their tomatoes.


Coney Dogs in Michigan. Texas Weiners in North Jersey. (They're the same thing.)


Lots of similarities. You assume I was being negative. You'll understand soon enough. Rutgers is in the Big Ten -- We're family now!




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Hopefully nobody is wearing blue, especially if you are in a black stripe section. Blue will not make you stand out and show how many Michigan fans are there. You wear maize to this game, it stands out against black and red.

Shocks me that fans don't think about this. I was shocked how many ND fans were wearing green for their game against MSU...