Rutgers Tailgating and Restaurant Options

Submitted by True Blue Grit on November 6th, 2018 at 11:29 AM

My wife and I are driving to the Rutgers game this week and are planning to set up a tailgate.  After doing some research on the blog and other websites, we found out that Johnson Park was a great option the last several times Michigan played there.  But, apparently  as of 2017, they no longer allow parking there.  Although, it looks like there are limited lots to buy parking passes in advance.  There do seem to be a few university lots where you can drive in and pay cash the day of the game.  According to the Rutgers site, there is one on Hoes Lane.   

So, all we've come up with so far is the lot at the Greek Church - an easy walk just west of the stadium, and the RAC lot, where you need to take a shuttle to the stadium.  Any other suggestions for tailgating spots where other Michigan fans are likely to be would be greatly appreciated.

Also, we're looking for a good place to eat Friday night, so please post any favorite restaurant/bar suggestions.  Thanks in advance.




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If you are a fan of Zingerman's, and want a sandwich at that level (ok, it's not a bar, maybe lunch Saturday), Dolce & Clemente's in Robbinsville NJ.  It's about 45 min south of the stadium, so it's a commitment, but I'm not in any way overselling when I say Zingerman's level sandwiches.  Since I have traveled 45 min to get a Zingerman's sandwich, I think it's worth it, but there is some dependency on your schedule.

LSA Aught One

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On campus, on Easton Ave. is the best place for slices.  It's called PJ's pizza and was my go-to when I lived in New Brunswick in 2007-8.

If you want to get authentic, you can get a fatcat, which is a hoagie bun stuffed with pretty much anything you can think to add.  They all have cute names like Fat Elvis or Fat Tony and each is a little different.  The ones that have mozzarella sticks in them are undoubtedly my favorite.


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Hoes Lane is a pretty good hike from the stadium--at least 30 minutes, and we are fast walkers.  We parked there two years ago.  The Greek Church lot is close, but when we parked there in 2014, it took us forever to get out to the main road.  (Of course, that was a night game and Rutgers won, so maybe it empties out more rapidly in a blowout loss.)  We ended up buying a parking pass through Stub Hub this year.


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Not to hijack but the cost of tickets for this game refuses to drop. Any sense of whether buying now or later in the week is the right call?


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I go to Morristown, NJ once a year for work. Millie's Old World Meatballs & Pizza in downtown is really good. I looked and it's about a 35 minute ride from Piscataway. I've never been to a Rutger game so I can't comment on tailgating.


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Cross the Raritan on 18 into "downtown" New Brunswick, and you not only have a lot of options, you have a lot of cuisines to choose from. (Turkish, anyone?) La Catrina and Tacoria are just a couple blocks apart on Easton Avenue, pick 'em for above-average Mexican. Google Maps says it's a half-hour walk to the stadium.

True Blue Grit

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Great tip on the Alumni Tailgate.  It's on Fitch Rd. right near the stadium.  Here's the link on how to get tickets.  It looks like it runs 1-3 p.m., and costs $45 per person ($35 for alumni association members).    

EDIT:  In looking at the site, this event may be sold out.  You can always contact them to check though.  


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Ended up buying a few parking passes as well, two of us are driving and setting up shop while a lot of others come from NYC on the train. I'm in the Yellow Grass Lot, any idea if they make each car next to each other or you can park any where within the lot? Debating if me and my friend need to meet outside and try and drive in next to each other.


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The Year 2006 Me would take a redeye east, fuel up on a pork chop, Tavern Donuts, and local brews at Tavern on George, hit the game, and wash up somewhere South of Houston in the City later that night.