Rutgers - The "Pride" of the B1G: Rutgers Investigating Up to Eight Football Players in Connection to Credit Card Fraud

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"The Rutgers University Police Department is investigating the potential fraudulent use of credit cards by as many as eight Rutgers football players, Keith Sargeant of reports."

Rutgers does it again - proving that it was a GREAT idea for Delaney to invite them into the B1G!

(Obvious sarcasm is obvious)

"Earlier this week, the Scarlet Knights dismissed defensive back K.J. Gray and linebacker Brendan DeVera for violating team rules, but no other detail was provided about the rules they breached. Gray told that his lawyer told him "to keep quiet about the situation" when he was asked if his dismissal was linked to the investigation. He also told he is "very optimistic" he will be able to transfer to another school."





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Meant to include this as well, but apparently cannot edit OP: "Rutgers coach Chris Ash did not respond to when they reached out for a comment."


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There's only one way this investigation can end:

Video of Chris Ash --- sans Rutgers R, of course --- buying stuff on the Princeton campus while using Kyle Flood's stolen credit card.


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You're pretty much guaranteed to get busted doing petty harebrained credit card schemes, dumbass football players of America (at least of Rutgers and Florida).

If you're going to do crime do crime better, geez. 


East German Judge

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So the 2 dismissed players are not allowed to transfer to other B1G schools as well as powerhouses - U of Buffalo, Kansas, and wait for it....Texas State University!  WTF Butgers???


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I think we should open with Rutgers each year. The most storied program versus the team that played a version of rugby and claimed later it was actually football.  This will give our team a chance to scrimage.


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So right at the top of the cable bubble, right before streaming services start taking off, the B1G Ten invites Rutgers into the league in order to secure the 'New York' cable market.

Remind my never to invest with the B1G Ten.

Mr Miggle

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Hmm, how well has the Big Ten done financially? 

1st conference to launch their own TV network, in the face of a ton of naysayers and against a strong push back from cable providers. It's still the most profitable network of its kind. 

Negotiated huge TV contracts after adding Rutgers that have many years left on them.

Consistently have the most profitable bowl tie ins.

I get not liking the move to add Rutgers, but I'm not seeing any bad financial decisions. They even are making Rutgers wait 7 years before they get a full share of revenue. 

Don Quixote de…

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Indeed, such are the hysterical and enigmatic knights of Pascataway. Nay, we shalt not address them as a university of knights, but as cud, for they are at best partially digested food, returned from the first stomach of ruminants to the mouth for further mastication. 


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Is it wrong that I want Rutgers to do poorly because their head coach came from Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes?

I also want Maryland to do well because of Durkin. Lol.


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Mildly contrarian view: I feel they deserve partial credit for investigating the situation promptly and acting on what they find. 

Don't get me wrong, I think Chris Ash is in over his head, and he has drawn the mistaken conclusion that the fastest road to success in the B1G is irrational loathing of Michigan.  I think the administration of the Rutgers athletic department has been a dumpster fire.  And, I think adding them to the Conference was a crass money-grab based on the delusional assumption that the cabel TV market will forever be what it was in 1995.  However, I'm just as OK with them in the Conference as some of the other teams that for years have had lame football programs.