Rutgers player indicted for attempted murder

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ahem... "Attempted" football. It is a classic 1L case.

A guy goes to kill his arch rival. He is caught shooting a gun into the rival's body as he slept. The authorities later find that the man had died several hours in his sleep before the culprit arrived. The shooter tries to wiggle out claiming, this guy was already dead - the DA charges him with attempted murder - since the perp didn't know the victim had already died. The Scarlet Knights are attempting football - it is not material whether they succeed or not. 

Gavel - GUILTY


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maryland killed a guy and rutgers attempted to kill a guy. 

can we just get rid of those 2 schools from the big10 now? 

i typically don't hang out with murderers and attempted murderers.....

i guess we should kick out the enablers and the pederasts too.

lets get the big 10 back to 10 schools.

are you kidding me chris pratt community version.gif


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This times 1 million!!  Just throw out the following teams on a "morals" cause:

Rutgers - attempted murderer, ruining the game of football more than CTE

Maryland - actual murderer

PSU - pedo and coverup

Sparty - rapes, pattern of assault, chronic disrespect

Back to ten teams (which kinda fits with calling the conference the BIG TEN).  


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There seriously needs to be a "do over" of the whole "let's add Rutgers and Maryland to the Big Ten" thing. 

Can we please drop them out and, if we really want 14 teams in a conference named after the fact that it has TEN teams, add in any of Pitt, ND (not realistic because of their lucrative NBC contract, I know), Buffalo (one of the better MAC teams and still in NY, despite being WAY outside of the TV market that Delaney craves), Virginia, Cincy, or some other non-embarrassing school?  Hell, go big drop Rutgers and Maryland and try to get Oklahoma and Texas (pipe dream, and would require shuffling the divisions, but Texas / OK / Wisco / Neb / Northwestern in the West would instantly make that a damn strong division, fairly close to the East's Michigan / OSU / PSU and Sparty contingent).  


Picktown GoBlue

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Dang you beat me to it.  Football stats:

B1G teams with fewer national championships than U of Chicago (2):

  • Wisconsin, Rutger, Purdue, Indiana, Northwestern (Maryland is tied with Chicago)

B1G teams with fewer B1G Titles than Chicago (7):

  • Penn State, Indiana, Nebraska, Maryland, Rutger

B1G teams with fewer Heisman winners than Chicago (1):

  • Michigan State, Northwestern, Rutger, Maryland, Illinois, Indiana, Purdue

B1G teams with worse top NCAA Division win percentage than Chicago (244-146-30, 0.617):

  • Indiana, Northwestern, Rutger, Illinois, Purdue, Maryland, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan State

B1G teams with worse record against Notre Dame than Chicago:

  • All of them


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I'll bet stories like this make Rutgers folks long for the days when the main story in the news was their basketball coach screaming and throwing basketballs at his players faces in practice.  


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Oh how I miss the good old days when stretching was the biggest problem in the BIG.

Delaney is a tool. Maryland reinstates Durkin, and Rutgers players have credit card issues and one idiot conspires to kill someone.

Fire Delaney and lets start kicking some of these fucking programs out of our conference.  They bring nothing to the party, shit on our carpets, never leave...and we pay them for the priviledge.



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In-season (alleged) crimes don't accumulate "Fulmer Cup" points!

Last August, Rutgers became the only school to win the Fulmer Cup twice.  Perhaps they can now do it back-to-back.


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*music starts*

"Like passes caught by the opposing defense

So are the days of Rutgers football.....

This is MacDonald Carey, and these are the days of Rutgers football"

*music fades*

Kinda Blue

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So, if a team's criminal charges for the week exceed the number of points score...does that count as a Rap Sheet Rutger?


I am sure MSU has a few of these in the books.


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They kicked him off the team. Seems like Rutgers the university didn't do anything wrong here. Michigan has had plenty of players who were up to no good and had to leave. Recruiting character is a noble ideal that has little to do with the reality of it.


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Unfortunately guys don't wear a sign on their forehead saying "will plan double murder" when you recruit them or at any other time. Just like Larry Harrison didn't wear a sign on his head saying he's gonna jack off outside coeds' windows. The reality of it is that we have through the decades recruited plenty of bad guys, and it's likely little more than luck that none of them went as far as this dude at Rutgers.

Hardware Sushi

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Let’s just be clear that as a DC resident, I am still wholeheartedly in favor of them playing on the East coast once a year. 

I mean, I’d be down to drop Rutger for Virginia or UNC (out of ACC they won’t get away with that shit) in a second but this is an easy game to get to, costs $30/ticket, I can watch w my NYC friends, that is basically a home game. 

Somebody’s gotta lose in the Big Ten East, otherwise we talk about how much Indiana sucks. Why not Rutger?