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If you're a Rutgers staffer, alum or student, shitting on a field of some kind on a daily basis should not be a new thing to you. In fact, you should be a little frightened if that ISN'T happening very often. 


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Umbig11's sad news got posted a few minutes before, I didn't feel as humorous. But here's the story for people who don't want to click through:


Pity poor Holmdel High School in Holmdel, N.J.  On a nearly daily basis, officials have been waking up to find human poop on their high school's track. Kids today, amirite?? They have no respect for property, authority, decency, sanitation, anything really. You can forgive for school officials for suspecting perhaps a maladjusted student with demonstrated antisocial behaviors was behind the piles of trouble.

Finally, after setting up surveillance of the area, local authorities have made an arrest (LINK). Authorities charged Thomas Tramaglini with lewdness, littering, and defecating in public (I'm glad there's a specific law for this in NJ, because obviously). It turns out Thomas is not a student after all... he's the 42-year old Superintendent of the nearby Kenilworth School District. 

File photo of Kenilworth Superintendent Tramaglini

Yes, apparently Mr. Tramaglini, who will continue to receive his $147,000 salary while on "administrative leave," was showing up in early pre-dawn mornings to pinch off a little pungent critique of Holmdel High's athletic department. Or something. It sounds like someone unqualified for such a high-level administrative position, and there must have been red flags. It turns out there was one.

Superintendent Tramaglini is a lecturer at the... wait for it... wait for it...

The Rutgers Graduate School of Education.

This message brought to you by Rutgers University.

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I'm slightly confused.  I don't think I multi-post frequently. 

Now I'm nervous.  When I'm nervous, it creates an impulse to find the nearest football field and take care of business at the 50 yard line.  


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"When reached for comment, Mr. Tramaglini said "I realize I can't just wipe this incident away, but I don't know why the town is making such a stink about it. While it's true that my family comes first, my job has always been Number Two."

Meanwhile, the mayor is organizing a solid movement to replace the embattled superintendent. “We don’t want any future applicants leaving a stain on this office.”

Goggles Paisano

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I wouldn't belive this story if I just didn't read about it.  What is wrong with people?  I don't think the paid leave is going to last that long.  Pretty sure this dude will get shit-canned right quick.