Rutgers fans: "This game is our National Championship"

Submitted by Decatur Jack on October 6th, 2016 at 12:22 PM

Remember that time when Rutgers expected to go 10-2? Well, our most hated rival is at it again.

In honor of #RivalryWeek, here are a few particularly delusional comments from various Rutgers message boards, blogs, facebook threads, and forums that I copy-and-pasted for your viewing pleasure. (No, I don't care to link to any of them. If you care that much, go look them up for yourself.)

I think Rutgers, coming home, will be angry and motivated to show the Big Ten that they are no easy task.
All I can think of, though, is the last time Big Blue came to Piscataway. It was also a prime time game. And, guess what, we won that game for our first Big Ten victory and first Big Ten field rush at home.
Michigan isn't Ohio State. I don't expect a shutout.
Is anyone honestly expecting us to win this game? Count me in. Fuck Michigan
We beat Michigan once, we can do it again. I have faith in Coach Ash. Rutgers 45, Michigan 13
If there is one game, ONE GAME on the schedule we absolutely MUST WIN, it's this one. This game is our National Championship. Michigan is the worst p.o.s. program there ever was, we have to CRUSH them. They took Peppers and Gary, fuck those dickwads. I look for Coach Ash to shock the world with a HUGE UPSET.
I agree this game against Michigan is the most important game we may have ever played.
Guys where will you all be when the final score has us up 2TDs against Michigan?
Calling it. Gary gets ejected for targeting. Peppers tears his ACL in the first quarter. Poetic Justice.
If at any point the fuckin broadcast cuts to Partridge I swear to god I might punch the couch
Game Week against Paramus Catholic West. We got this.
once we win this game people will be talking about how coach ash is building something special in piscataway. huge signatures win!
If we break the shutout, as far as I'm concerned that's as good as a W. Michigan wants to shut us out, and if we score we will have proven they are worse than Ohio State.
Will someone tell me what time the game starts? I want to DVR this game so I can rewatch it 100 times when we upset Michigan
I don't care what anyone says this game is more important than Penn State or Maryland. Michigan is now my least favorite B1G team. I want to beat them sooooo bad
To any of those Rutgers fans who said they'd take Harbaugh over Ash, fuck you
I'm not even worried about TTFP game bc we will be favored after we beat Michigan
OSU made us angry, all that aggression now goes to Harbaugh. Get ready jackass, your stupid #4 ranked team is about to lose BIG
Hey guys Michigan fans think we should leave the B1G. I'm sure they'll feel even stronger about that after we beat them
Sooooo pumped for this game. #NationalChampionship
Why are you comparing this to the national championship?
[reply]Because it is.
Michigan is sooooo overrated. imo they were better last year. this year they are B+ at best
I don't care if we lose every other game as long as we beat harbaugh and partridge I can be happy

It's rivalry week. #BeatRutgers


Chalky White

October 6th, 2016 at 3:21 PM ^

The best quote was "They took Peppers and Gary, fuck those dickwads. " as if they ever had a shot with either player. They could have hand delivered  that offer wrapped around Kate Upton's tits and they still wouldn't have gotten a second look.  That's like a MAC team from Ohio saying fuck them because they took Howard and Woodson.


October 6th, 2016 at 1:08 PM ^

The fact that they believe they actually have a snowballs chance in hell of even scoring is baffling and reeks of zero self awareness. Then we move on to the osu ass sniffing and how some just want to prove that UM isn't as good as osu. Truly a bizarre faction of their 2 dozen fans.


October 6th, 2016 at 1:45 PM ^

they hate michigan because some local NJ recruits came here . . . but they're perfectly happy being OSU's bitch 24/7.  

Harbaugh wants to have a camp in  NJ and teach kids football/  FUCK HIM!!!
OSU wants to come steal our recruits?  Sure!

58-0 ?  Thank you Urban may I have another!


October 6th, 2016 at 1:19 PM ^

With a Nebraska-alum friend and a UM alum friend. That campus is not built for college football. The tailgate sucked and was a 15 minute drive from the stadium, which is in the middle of nowhere. The stadium sucks, and was only about 3/4 full, most of which was Nebraska fans. 

So, I agree. I can't fathom where these passionate fans are. They don't seem to actually go to the games.

As an aside, this was the same night as the chaos game against Indiana. So the other UM fan and I huddled on the bleachers and watched it on his phone the whole second half. I have no idea what happened in the game we were at. It was probably terrible.