Rutgers expects to go 10-2

Submitted by Decatur Jack on August 1st, 2016 at 12:19 PM

So I came across the wikipedia page for Rutgers' 2016 team, and apparently someone edited it to say that they win every reg season game (including Michigan) except Iowa and Ohio State, and they finish at No. 16 in the polls. Rutgers fans be confident, yo.

I screencap'd it here so y'all could see:

rutgers wiki screencapture

And here's the wikipedia page for as long as the edit stays as is:

Frankly, I think this is hilarious. Maybe it's not worth the board's time and I'm about to get negbanged to Bolivia, but it gave me a chuckle and I wanted to share it before someone took the edit down. Hey, maybe Brian can use it as some humor/snark material for UV.



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Have you seen Rutger's enthusiasm for the ticket prices when they play Michigan. I couldn't believe it. No ticket's under $100. I was going to try and go but I might have to rethink it now. 


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Between seeing their "signature Big Ten victory" against Brady Hoke's worst team on BTN as the only "Rutgers Football Classic" and listening to the bleatings of Michigan-hater Chris Ash, they think they belong on the same field as Michigan.  The good part: Harbaugh is fully aware and Rutgers isn't going to "sneak up" on Michigan as long as he is the head coach.


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I think the most hilarious part is watching the presumptive poll movement. Let's say Rutgers does go on a tear and somehow... wins 7 games in a row (6 of which are apparently in the top 25)... that only jumps them from 25th to 16th.

I mean, they obviously think highly of the Big Ten having all but one of their conference games against ranked opponents (including Minnesota and Maryland, lol).

This is great comic relief.


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Actually - they will go 10-2 in the regualr season. They will then move to the West Division and lose again to Ohio State in the B1G Championship before beating Arizona in the Fiesta Bowl.


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But they expect to put up 30 on the Buckeyes in Columbus. I almost want to check out 11W to find out the ...

No, I don't need to do that. Never mind.


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I love how, in their intense optimism, that when they have a theoretical 8-2 team hosting a ranked Penn State, they still only project 38,000 in attendance.  

Decatur Jack

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I was browsing the schedules of Michigan's opponents. My work computer has insanely low bandwidth so it can't handle pages with ads. I normally look on, but wiki has no ads and runs much smoother.

I saw it, laughed, and decided to share.