On Rutgers' "Dueling Camp" - Ash Never Responded to Harbaugh's Invite

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This is from a free article by Steve Lorenz on 247:


An interesting addendum to the above, and one that hasn't been reported: Michigan actually originally approached Rutgers about a camp at Paramus Catholic, with an aim for a "maximum exposure" type camp that would have had over 30 staffs on board. Rutgers head coach Chris Ash told Michigan that he would consider it, but announced the joint camp with Ohio State before formally (or informally) responding to Michigan's invitation. 


I am going to be very happy to see Michigan stomp Rutgers this year.



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Is the Northwestern of the 90's and 2000's ....... Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Maybe you should wait till UM actually wins something before you place them above Northwestern, who over the last 5-6 years has outperformed UM by a mile. UM is a joke until it proves its not, and it hasn't yet.


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Sure feels good to look at a schedule and pretty much know (barring an act of divine intervention) that we're GOING to win a particular game. The slightest inkling or hint of doubt is no longer there.

Once we're up by 2 scores I hope Harbaugh goes for a 2 point conversion on every touchdown.


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Saw a much better opportunity to draw the best players by doing a camp with Urban Meyer than doing one with crazy Jim. Facts are Meyer has 3 Nat'L Championships, is currently 50-4 at OSU, he has just put 3 guys in the top 10 picks of the NFL draft, with 15 total players entering the NFL from his first graduating class.
So Ash looked at those results, then he looked at Harbaugh and it became very clear what would be best for Rugers. He knows nobody is getting excited to camp for Harbaugh, a coach who hasn't won shit and was just ass raped by Urban and Ash a few months ago. He knows kids will want to camp with the guys doing the ass fucking, not with the guy getting his ass fucked, like Jimmy. Just that simple.


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Many psychologists believe, if a man uses profanity continuously it us a sign of social and mental immaturity. As well as a sign of sexual short comings. The more I read your posts, the more I sit here and honestly pity you. Someday you'll find peace, until that day remember. No matter how many wins your team gets, you'll never get what you truly want. To come out of the closet and sing The Victors!!


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#Assfuckedmichigan while at OSU. I mean come on, what is Harbaugh, the guy Urbs and Ash just ass raped in his own house, with his family and friends watching helplessly, what is that sore butt loser going to help Ash with ?? Sounds to me like Ash knows more than crazy Jim already, so I'm sure he wants to camp with a winner, hence the Urban connection.


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Isn't it possible he had already been arranging plans with osu for a camp the same day? I can't fault the guy for preferring to camp with a staff he already knows well.

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Neither can I, but there's a simple solution to that in which you say, "I have some other plans instead."  You don't even have to to tip your hand as to what they are, hell, you can say it conflicts with your cat-shampooing schedule for all anyone cares.  As it is, it's very hard to call this anything but an Eff You.


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The problem with this being dubbed a duel of any kind by Rutgers' fans and media is that Michigan is the one bringing a dueling pistol, whereas Rutgers sort of has a bubble wand and a small Dixie cup full of Palmolive. They can ask what it all means, but the answer might be "very little to Rutgers", as this won't help tehm very much at all.