Russell Bellomy 1 for 4 yesterday

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Should have been 4 for 4 as all 3 incompletions were drops.

He had back-to-back drops by Funchess and Roundtree in the 2nd quarter, and the drop by Jerald Robinson in the 4th (which doesn't show on the stat line since there was Illinois penalty on the play, but would have counted as a completion had it not been dropped).

Then there was the 8-yard completion to J. Robinson right after the drop.

What are everyone's thoughts on Bellomy based on his limited action so far?







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Preparing these young men for life after Michigan is significantly more important than a game. If a player is willing to sacrifice their long term future, they can, but that is THEIR choice. If they want to stick to a certain position because that is the best thing for them at the next level, the coaches damn well better respect that.

"Team first. Always." leads to Penn State.


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I agree that I think it will be Gardner next year (don't think medical redshirt is happening though).  I think if we had a powerhouse, OL and RBs plus elite WRs that Bellomy would start as we would need more of a game manager than a high-end playmaker.  However, I think we'll have a decent OL, decent RBs and decent WRs.  I think we need a playmaker at QB next year. 

I also believe Gardner will do fine once he gets consistent playing time.  I see a lot of his mistakes so far as trying to force plays that aren't there to make a play in his limited action.  I think this will settle down once he gets significant time at QB.

Our defense should be good enough to win games with either at QB, but I don't feel as good about next year's team as I do about this year's team and the team we'll have in 2014.


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I think that, between what we saw in the spring game and limited time yesterday, one thing that can  be said about Bellomy is that he definitely grasps some of the base elements of the WCO that Borges would ultimately like to fully implement. He looked like he was reading plays well and tried to extend them, even going so far as to scramble for a first down. When he came in early in the game after Denard injured his finger, he looked pretty collected and focused, which shows some discipline. 

It should be noted that he has gotten pretty good reviews coming out of practice anyway from Borges and Hoke, and they have both talked repeatedly about Bellomy's ability to learn quickly and play confidently. Even in limited time, he did looke pretty confident and showed that he could be plugged in at least on what he was asked to run. It will be interesting to see him get other opportunities potentially, so we get a chance to see how things are progressing, but I liked what I did see from Bellomy. 


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I appreciate that the kid did just fine in the action he saw and that the 3 drops were the fault of the recievers.   It is no excuse for the receivers that the ball might travel a slightly different speed, that is total b.s.   However, as much as Denard as had his days of 'Oh no's!', the bottom line is that he is one of the best runners on planet earth, and if we have decent O-line play and are smart about our play calling, there aren't a whole lot of teams that are going to beat us.   Bellamy will need to develop into an exceptional pocket passer with decent mobility to be as valuable to the offense as Denard.   Here's to hoping he does. 


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We might never have another QB as mobile as Denard. 

Bellomy, however, might have as good or better mobility than any UM QB pre-RR going all the way back to Steve Smith and Rick Leach.  Navarre, Grbac, Collins, Greise, Brady....

snarling wolverine

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He was 1-3, not 1-4.  The sideline throw to Robinson isn't counted in the stats because we accepted the penalty.  It was a "free play" that only would have counted if we had declined the penalty.

Mich Mash

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My position is that Gardner will give us the best chance to win next year and possibly the next year.  However, if he is not the starter I believe Bellomy should be the guy.  Do you really want a true freshman starting with two experienced QBs on the team as well?  Not to mention that he is missing a portion / majority of his senior season due to Mono.  Please, no true freshman at QB anymore.  Yes, Henne started as a true freshman and did well, but he was forced into the spot as Matt Gutierrez was injured.  We also had a dude named Braylon Edwards on that team.


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For those saying he has a lack of arm strength, just which of the four throws he made yesterday leads you to that conclusion?  And if not based on yesterday, just what are you basing it upon?  We don't have enough information yet on Bellomy to know how he will perform as a starter, but I've seen nothing to suggest he can't be a better than average BCS QB.  

Sione's Flow

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Bellomy is a good back up QB right now.  Do I think he could outplay Gardner for the position next year?  It's unlikely, but ulitmately Borges and Hoke may think Gardner is more of a threat at WR.  Did anyone else notice the block at 2:30 on Bellomy's Sr highlight?  His WR laid that guy out!!!



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All I know is I'm sick of people saying Bellomy "can't play quarterback at Michigan" for whatever reason, and that we HAVE to move Gardner back to QB next year or we're DOOMED.  (I don't mean necessarily in this thread, but I hear this sentiment from a lot of fans in person during the game.)

Give the kid a chance.  He wasn't Aaron Rodgers out there, but I thought he played pretty well especially for a redshirt freshman.

I think the competition between him and Devin over the offseason will be fierce and too close to call.  Either will need to improve his play in order to win the job and for Michigan to be sucessful.



"I had assumed that as a Purdue commit, Bellomy didn't have many other options prior to his senior year (he committed in June), but that's not the case. According to Scout, Boise State, Colorado, Michigan State, Minnesota, and South Florida had all offered scholarships, along with a host of MAC/CUSA-level offers.

That's no murderer's row, but Boise State and Michigan State have recent history of QB success, and have done so by developing under-the-radar recruits."


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Bellomy is my pick to start next year.  It has already been said that he has suffered some drops in his limited playing time.  He will have some more shots to get playing time this season and I think that when he settle down and not have to wonder how many downs he will have, he will be fine.

He has good speed and showed it on the scramble.  He put the passes on target and minus the fumble, there were no worrisome moments.  Early this year when he ran us down to the goal line, he really did score, I thought that he should get some extended time when we are blowing teams out...that is not promised for the rest of the year but it will do him a world of good going into next year.


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In a perfect world the QB should be as mobile as Denard with the pocket presence of Brady or Manning.  But one can wait a long time for one of those guys to come along.

For Borges' offense what's needed is a QB that's mobile enough.  It seems Bellomy is that.  Will we see 80-yard TDs out of Bellomy?  Probably not.  Will we see chains being moved?  I think yes.

In a way, Bellomy reminds me of what Forcier might have been.  I'm reminded of the 2009 Notre Dame game when Forcier rolled left, signalled his receiver, then laid a nice pass for a TD.

As others have said, I think the combination of Bellomy at QB (with some reps under his belt) and Gardner / Funchess as targets is something to ponder and smile at.


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is "sevicable" this year as a blow-out game manager, and for short emergency periods (precisely how he was used Sat)  
I think he'll progress just fine and be in the mix with both Gardner & Shane next fall.  Thats actually a pretty good situation to be in & I'll be happy with whomever the coaches decide has earned it.  

But for his sake I hope he really hits the weight room because he honestly looked like a scrawny high schooler out there against Illinois.  Yikes, eat a sandwich kid!