Russ Lande (former NFL Scout) talks Robinson, Campbell, and Kovacs

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3. Michigan: Denard Robinson, RB/WR (5104, 199 and 4.42), William Campbell, DT/OG (6047, 318 and 5.30 E) and Jordan Kovacs, SAF (5110, 202 and 4.61):

After showing dramatic improvement at the Combine, Denard showed NFL teams that he has continued working very hard at making the transition from quarterback to receiver. He not only went through receiver drills, but also was put through running back drills as many teams believe that while his long term future is as a slot receiver, the fastest way for him to get on the field as a rookie will be as a third down back. During the workout, Denard displayed the explosive, game breaking athleticism that has NFL teams excited. After looking like a quarterback trying to play receiver at the Senior Bowl and Combine, Denard looked like a receiver at the workout and showed the confidence catching the ball that he had not before. He not only caught every pass thrown his way during the workout, but did so with hands and did not allow the ball to get into his body where he had to battle the ball.

Many NFL scouts were shocked that defensive tackle Williams Campbell was not invited to the Combine after a strong senior season and an impressive week of practice at the East West Shrine Game. A massive man with outstanding natural strength, NFL personnel in attendance were shocked at how smooth and easily he moved in drills. He not only went through defensive line drills, but also offensive line drills as some teams feel he has great potential as a guard. After his pro day performance we expect Campbell to be drafted, but what position he will be asked to play in the NFL will be determined by the team that selects him.

Still not assured of being drafted, safety Jordan Kovacs’ good all-around workout made his odds better than 50% of being selected. Not only did Kovacs run significantly faster than expected, but he also vertical jumped 35 and broad jumped 10. He is still not viewed as a potential starter, but after his workout NFL personnel told us they think he could be an excellent backup who excels on special teams.

Link Here. Also discusses CMU's Fisher, a WR from GVSU, and MSU's three early entrees in another post (Bell and Sims looked really good, Gholston really bad).

FWIW: Russ Lande is a former scout for the Rams and Browns. Not really sure about what connections he still has or if he's any good at predicting these kinds of things, so take it for what it's worth.



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Gholston is failing on so many levels and I love it. He is purely taking advantage of his physical aspects and disregarding his actually ability as of right now.


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that Big Will wasn't invited to the combine.  So who is it who makes the determination, if not the teams and/or their scouts?  [Genuine question for those who know.]  And good to know that Will more than confirmed the opinions of those shocked at his combine absence.

[Nice choice of Dilithium photo as the article's illustration.]


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Latest Draft Tek computer model has Will Campbell’s draft stock risimg. Now he's in round four to the Redskins with pick 116, and as a first alternate pick for the Saints with pick 106 in round four.

Denard Robinson remains locked in at pick 166 to the Cardinals in round 6, but he appears as a second alternate pick for the Rams in round five with pick 142.

"Mr. Irrelevant" Watch: Dennis Johnson, Arkansas RB to Baltimore in round seven with pick 222. 

Mr. Yost

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I think Robinson is a late 4th rounder, Campbell is a wild card that could go early 4 to early 6 (IMO), I think Kovacs goes late 6 to late 7 and I think Demens gets drafted some time in the 7th.

Roundtree and others sign as UFA.


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Good to hear Campbell impressed.  It does drive me crazy that they burned a redshirt with him, but that happens.  Denard looking good doesn't surprise me, but to hear that Kovacs might actually get drafted is incredible.  

Also, Gholston not impressing has the same resonance as sky blue, water wet at this point.

Blue boy johnson

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The only reason to be shocked by Kovacs, a 4 year starter at M, and clearly a very good athlete, getting drafted, is buying in to the group think of this blog that Kovacs succeeded because he was white, smart, and gritty. Remove your stereotype blinders, forget Kovacs race, and you will find a very good football player.