Rumored Five Star visiting for Iowa

Submitted by umhero on October 5th, 2010 at 2:01 AM

For those of you who don't like recruiting speculation at 2:00 a.m. ignore this post.  I was just catching up on about a weeks worth of Sam Webb's Recruiting Roundup on WTKA.  Several times during the week he mentioned a surprise 5 Star visitor coming for the Iowa game.  I realize that it was mentioned on the board last week (probably when Sam originally said it), but I think the guesses at the time were wrong.

Scout has 49 players listed as 5 Stars.  I have highlighted players that have been mentioned as Michigan prospects at some point in the process.

As you can see, players highlighted in green have already indicated they plan to visit, so, I believe, they should be removed from our "surprise visitor" prospects. Sam said Michigan's start has reignited this player's interest so I assume that means he would be among the players in red. These players were recruited by Michigan but they commited somewhere else or they mentioned we weren't in their favorites.

Reviewing the names two seem like possibilities.  Deanthony Thomas, who TomVH indicated in July would keep an eye on us, and Trey DePriest, who grew up a Michigan fan but was scared off by our struggles.

Does anyone want to speculate?



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and saying please be on defense..


If i was to bet it would be Depriest.  If he grew up a michigan fan and winning was issue.  That may no longer be an issue. 


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With him being a Michigan fan and saying our struggles is what was keeping him from looking at us, he is the common sense pick. A 5-0 start and a depth chart that shows that he can play right away if he performs to his 5 star rating definitely helps Michigan. And if all goes correctly this weekend, a 6-0 start and a strong performance vs. Iowa could really help. But first focus on State and recruits like this "surprise" 5 star will be looking at us more.


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I previously said I thought it might be Billy sims but someone pointed out that he has no more eligibility left. That leaves two options - tiger woods or lebron james. Of course, it could also be James Earl jones


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With the production of the element Dilithium being discovered in Ann Arbor, I feel Braxton Miller might be curious about the alchemy RR's offense possesses.


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I think it can be narrowed down to 3, these 3 would be my just got slapped in the face for no reason surprise visits

Lawrence Thomas

Trey DePriest

DeAnt hony Thomas (I think he said he would only visit if he had a offer, did he get one??)

Doctor Wolverine

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We certainly don't want to scare off other DB recruits to chase someone who isn't even interested, buuuuttttt it seems like G-Rob could at least call him up and ask, "Are you serious about playing for us?  I will make you great!"  If the answer is yes, then grab that net and catch that beautiful butterfly, pal!


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Does anyone want to speculate?

Yes, lets. 


see what i did there?

but snagging either of those two would be a victory, and even if it was HaHa i would be well pleased.