Rumor: UH to play UM in AA

Submitted by MIdocHI on August 29th, 2012 at 2:06 AM
University of Hawaii coaches told the UH players in practice today that negotiations are underway for UH to play in the Big House. I was informed of this by a player who was present. He told me next season, but since our schedule is full, I think that the negotiations are for 2014. Aloha.



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They're out west, their students are generally pretty attractive, they  for the most part have money, they like to surf and party, a high portion of their population is orginally from Cali and Norm Chow is there.

That's about as close to being USC as I'm willing to get before bowl season.


August 29th, 2012 at 3:16 AM ^

Michigan's schedule is actually full in 2014 too...and 2015. Two open spots in 2016.

And if the game is that far away, I wouldn't assume it'll be a meaningless cakewalk. I think Norm Chow is going to do some good things out there.


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According to the official Michigan website, 2014 is full:  Appalachian State, Notre Dame, Miami (NTM), Utah.

If we were to play Hawaii in 2014, it would have to be on the road, so it doesn't count against the 12-game limit.  Michigan's open dates are October 4 and November 15.  I wouldn't want Michigan to travel to Hawaii during the middle of the Big Ten season.


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Spending the day in Hawaii, in a crappy stadium, watching Michigan pound the Warroirs would be fun but I can think of more enjoyable things to do on Oahu. We watch that every fall against a MAC team without spending $1000 for airfare. The only benefit would be the extra home game we would be allowed to play for traveling to Hawaii.   


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Or we're just making noise to put pressure on the Connecticut government since they control the stadium.  I assume we'd be talking to multiple people trying to find someone where:

Revenue of home game > cost to cancel on UConn + fees to get someone else to show up


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Will this be a home-at-home, a one time deal, or a 2 for 1?  Hawaii is a weird program that gets home-at-homes with lots of teams that you wouldn't otherwise expect, because of the rule that says that you can play an extra game if you play at Hawaii. 


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Our home slate for the conference is MSU, NW, ILL, and Iowa. ND is at South Bend. Our only scheduled non-conference home game is Colorado, but who knows whether that game will happen since the B10 and the PAC12 backed off from their scheduling agreement.

You know who else has open dates on those two days in Sept? Georgia.

Sure, I know it's an absurd fantasy to think about a 2016-2017 home-and-away set with the Dawgs. We can instead look forward to single games with Middle Tennessee State, Northern Iowa, Buffalo, and Akron.


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A home-and-home with Hawaii would make a lot of sense, mainly for the extra home game. It would also be a great trip for the players. I'm not convinced they're going to be 2007 amazing, but I think they'll have a decent enough offense to give us trouble.


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Hawaii owes us a couple trips to the Big House.  We played at their place in 1986 and 1998.  Strangely, both games were after our games with the Buckeyes.  The '86 contest taking place the first weekend in December.