RUMOR: True freshman NJ WR no longer on team

Submitted by Bambi on June 17th, 2016 at 12:05 PM

Knowing this board this may get negged and attacked for being too premature, but the info seems relevant and has some legs so I'm going to post it. Obviously, that being said, it is still a rumor, so grain of salt and all that.

A rumor was started on Rivals, and subseqently reinforced by Scout, that a true freshman at Michigan is in trouble with Harbaugh and on his way off the team. Allegedly this is a true FR WR from NJ and he is in some "Brian Cole"-like trouble.

Since this can apply to two people, I didn't want to name anyone in the title, but the name being thrown out there is Brad Hawkins. Mainly because his twitter profile (link) no longer has any Michigan references whatsoever while Ahmir Mitchell's twitter is still decked in Michigan stuff.

So yes, this is a post about an unsubstantiated rumor with even more inferring don from 18 year olds twitter profiles. Neg away.



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It's a good question, but even more interesting is how they've mostly (save for a separation about 4-5 years ago which ended in reconciliation) been together for over 40 years (married for about 30 of those) and had three children in that time. There really is someone for everyone and theirs was definitely one of the more stable Hollywood relationships for a long time.  


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 I don't know about cheaper ...maybe in the long run, but then you also run the risk of getting scammed or robbed with hookers whereas a girlfriend scams you while smiling and hugging you least for a while.


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At WD's age, he'd have no idea what to do or how to do it..


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