Rumor: SI working on another OSU article

Submitted by psychomatt on June 8th, 2011 at 12:52 PM

In a couple of his radio interviews, George Dohrmann hinted at a possible follow-up article covering some of the things for which he did not have sufficient evidence to include in his original piece. There is some chatter today over on Bucknuts (and I heard it also from a friend who lives in Columbus) that SI is continuing to poke around down there. The Bucknuts chatter (rumors only) is that it has to do with the Mary Jane allegations. I asked my friend about that but he could not confirm any specifics of what SI is investigating. Stay tuned.



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You mean BILF...I think that is who you are referring to. If you believed in what he said, you are quite gullible (not necessarily pointing at you joeyB)...If half of what he said played out as accurately has he depicted, than the death penalty is on the table....

I am also now hearing that phrase getting tossed around due to shear number of violations....if it keeps coming, they will get hit harder than anyone except SMU (death penalty will never be used again though). 


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And I stick to my claims via two sources.....

NCAA lawyer

OSU player's parent


Drug dealing

Pay for play

Girls paid off for sex

Ginn Sr. recieving money through "channels" for years


How much was know by OSU staff and program we will probably never know, but the lack of institutional control goes without saying.


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...But at this point it is hard to believe that.  I mean if their athletic department doesn't fit that shoe, who does?




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I call bullshit on this one. Even Tressel isn't sleazy enough to cover up a rampant drug problem. Given that the first article barely brought anything new to light, I doubt a follow up would yield that much more.


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But think about it. This story gets worse every day. And, assuming it is true that TP and other former or current Buckeyes were hanging around with Eddie Rife and trading equipment and memorabilia and signatures for cash and tats, is it really that much of a stretch to think that one or more of them swapped some of this stuff for weed and then sold some of that weed to others? I am not saying that happened, but it is a bit early to call bullshit on the idea. It would not surprise me in the least, considering the things that are coming out, if that shoe drops eventually too.


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getting memorabilia is one thing (simply breaking NCAA rules), but selling drugs and covering it up (breaking the law) is another...although, I wonder if the IRS will make an appearance soon and assist with any NCAA investigation


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...The author made clear there was a bunch more stuff that lawyers wouldn't let him publish.  I would not doubt at all if he is trying to make more concrete connections so the lawyers provide him the green light.


Really, the only thing I want at this point -- because my cup already runneth over -- is for there to be a pay for players connection between Glenville and OSU. 


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between 'threatening to sue' and 'filing a lawsuit'.  I don't think they'll win, because I don't think they'll ever file suit.  Not only does it open the particular player, his family, and potentially other tOSU players, university to a real legal discovery process, but any theoretical basis they would have is a high-risk, low reward type of case. 


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But does the response of many OSU fans remind anyone else of the Chappelle's Show "Celebrity Trial Jury Selection" skit?  (If someone can embed, please do...I'm stoopid).

Attorney: "He's been accused of this more than once."

Chappelle: "So?!  Some people say cucumbers taste better pickled."

The best analogy is Chappelle's expectations of what evidence is necessary to overcome the prosecutor's burden of proof for the R. Kelly allegations.  Watch, laugh, and giggle at the craziness of Buckeye fans.


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...the same site where, last week, someone started a thread stating that big news was coming on 6/17 regarding investigations into mem-4-tats at UM as well?  I am fairly certain it was. 

Anyhow, until something comes out from a CREDIBLE source, I am not buying it.  JT basically ran Dorian Bell off campus for multiple violations of team rules (read: where there's smoke, there's hash).  I would think that Bell would have "blackmailed" JT with that information if it were true.  I know the OSU situation has more layers than an ogre, but this one makes absolutely no sense, IMHO.


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problem though was that the accusation never got fleshed out. the implication was there was a memorabilia shop that had OSU signed items in it that also had a lot of UM stuff. then it was claimed Denard was blackmailed into staying by a wealthy booster who threatened him using the ticketstubs he paid "lots of money for."

sadly nobody chimed in on the thread asking what tickets Denard would have that someone would pay lots of money for.

it also wimpered out due to being complete weak sauce…


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The poster who started the most recent Bucknuts thread cites a couple of sources, but anyone can do that.  Time will tell, but there is a big difference between lining up boosters to pad players' pockets, and willingly allowing a drug operation.  That's all I am saying.  There are just way too many variables in a drug ring.

FTR, I have thought JT was crooked since the Maurice Clarett fiasco.  I believe there were a lot of behind the scenes deals going on, most of which we will never know about.  I just am not buying this one. 


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Denard and some other Michigan players took stuff from under Jon Falk's nose, signed it, and drove to Columbus to exchange it for free tats?

I think Buckeye fans are missing a key point - it is possible to purchase memorabilia signed by current players without an NCAA violation having occurred. The current players (or a representative) would have be the ones selling (or trading) it for it to be a violation (not to mention stealing it).

Then we have to believe that Denard would come out with all the talk about Michigan being his family after being blackmailed.

We'll have to wait and see, if Yahoo Sports comes out with these allegations on the 17th, then ugh. Personally, I think this is Buckeye fans concocting allegations, and creating urban legend type internet rumors in hopes of starting something.