Rumor: SI set to release latest Buckeye findings on 5/31

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Columbus radio reports that SI will launch their newest round of missiles at OSU a week from today.  In true Buckeye fashion, the radio personality said that SI was 'saluvating' over the article.  I guess the guy covering the story is a Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist. 

It will probably be some of the stuff that we covered on here last week.  But apparently there is new dirt on Tressel going back to his YSU days.  It's about both Tressel and players, and there is a pretty thorough history of this 'thing', whatever it is.  Popcorn sales in Michigan are peaking right about now...



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One of the hosts knows a guy at SI who relayed this to him in a cryptic fashion.  The radio hosts agreed that this constituted a '9 out of 10' on the fear scale.  They weren't told exactly what it was, but emphasized that it is new stuff, and it goes way back.

I guess this journalist, who they gave by name (which I forget) lives in Minnesota, but has taken two trips to Columbus for research.  They noted that there was fire here, not just smoke, or else this guy wouldn't bother investing so much time.

I, for one, would like to plan a wake for Wednesday.


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What I took from the segment is that it was an ongoing thing.  I'm speculating, but I believe it is something within the 'statue' of limitations.  I dunno if they have a podcast you all can listen to, and I'm a terrible investigative journalist myself, but I'm sure if you visit you can find something about it.  It was on the 'Common Man and the Torg', about an hour into their show today.


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32.6.3 Statute of Limitations. Allegations included in a notice of allegations shall be limited to possible
violations occurring not earlier than four years before the date the notice of inquiry is forwarded to the institution
or the date the institution notifies (or, if earlier, should have notified) the enforcement staff of its inquiries into
the matter. However, the following shall not be subject to the four-year limitation:

(a) Allegations involving violations affecting the eligibility of a current student-athlete;

(b) Allegations in a case in which information is developed to indicate a pattern of willful violations on the part
of the institution or individual involved, which began before but continued into the four-year period; and

(c) Allegations that indicate a blatant disregard for the Association’s fundamental recruiting, extra-benefit, academic
or ethical-conduct regulations or that involve an effort to conceal the occurrence of the violation. In
such cases, the enforcement staff shall have a one-year period after the date information concerning the matter
becomes available to the NCAA to investigate and submit to the institution a notice of allegations concerning
the matter. 


Note: I could not find this bylaw on but it was quoted exactly the same on two different websites/blogs, so take it FWIW. 


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the statute of limitations will prevent punishment for long ago violations.  but if the COI is taking into account general character in determining the penalty for tressel, there's no statute of limitations for considering a history of shadiness.

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So my 375 page opus on Ohio State using ringers from 1907-1909 isn't going to affect their program today? Shit...

I think the COI might take past trangressions by a person into account when determining whether or not to punish them individually. An institutional record might also be considered if the facts show the institution has been consistently commiting serious on-going violations.


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Exceptions (b) and (c) leave open the possibility of punishment for the kind of transgressions rumored below even if they occurred outside of the four-year window.   Whether those rumors are true is of course another story. 

Also, Horace Prettyman wants to read your report.  He's pissed. 


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If I am reading this right, if they find that tSIO lied during the Clarett investigation, and there was "blatant disregard," the statute of limitations might not apply, either.  It would be really great if they had to vacate their tainted championship.


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I was wondering about that as well. Doesn't seem like a school that lies to the authorities and tars a kid's reputation should get to hide behind the state of limitations . . . 


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Apparently this journalist's presence in Columbus has been well known among Buckeye-followers for awhile.  Even the OSU message boards (Bucknuts, sec.) are resigned to the fact that something is coming out, though they think it's just about the housing issue, or so I'm told.  


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"George Dohrmann is the last sportswriter to win the Pulitzer Prize. He earned journalism's top honor in 2000 while at the St. Paul Pioneer Press. The Pulitzer cited his "determined reporting, despite negative reader reaction, that revealed academic fraud in the men's basketball program at the University of Minnesota."


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I'm of the same mind. If Tressel leaves prior to next season, he'll retire with (I would guess) the all-time best record for an OSU coach against Michigan. I want to beat his ass on the field at least one more time.

However, if the rumored allegations about pay for play, sex for recruits, and player drug-dealing are actually part of the SI article, he's history before September.


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Bo went 5-4-1 against Woody, including wins in their final three games ('76, '77 and '78). Actually, from Bo's arrival in 1969 until Tressel arrived in 2001, the rivalry significantly favored UM. Over that 32-year period, UM went 19-11-2. Even if you exclude the Cooper era, which UM dominated 10-2-1, the teams were dead even at 9-9-1 over the period. Given how quickly and sharply the rivalry tilted in OSU's favor after Tressel arrived at OSU, it's not crazy to wonder if Tressel's willingness to "bend" the rules played a role.


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Woody built the majority of his wins against us when Michigan football was at it's lowest point.  Well, the lowest point until RichRod came to town 40 years later.  When Bo arrived, Woody went 4-5-1 against us.  His record would have been 3-6-1 against us had the Mike Lantry (game winning) field goal been called correctly in 1974. 

I agree, I wouldn't be surprised to hear about Tressel bending the rules to get the rivalry turned around.  And I would be even less surprised to find out that OSU knew about it for years and covered it up.  But we'll probably never find that out since the school would be in even deeper sh*t if it were made public. 

This is a school that hired John Cooper because his Arizona State team upset us in the 87 Rose Bowl.  Their desperation to have any success over Michigan is the #1 priority and if they have to cheat to achieve that, so be it. Especially after what happened in the 90's.


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If they are stripped of multiple seasons of wins his overall record would not be the same.  So woody may be better on paper.  Their  fans however will insist that he was the greatest of all time, I'm sure.  LMAO

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I posted this last week...

From two seperate sources

1) Friend who is a lawyer on the NCAA rules committe

2) Parent of a current OSU player (Parent is college buddy of my dad)

FBI and IRS are digging around because of the financial and drug dealing implications...

The scandal will include

Pay for play (with Tressel's knowledge)

Players selling drugs

Girls paid to sleep with recruits and players

Ten Ginn's dad getting paid for years to funnel recruits

Similar allegations on the basketball team