Rumor: QB Gunner Kiel delays decision because of Michigan

Submitted by Dreisbach1817 on June 10th, 2011 at 9:29 PM

The Scout boards are blowing up right now about a rumor.  Based on the paywall policies, I won't go into much detail.  But the facts are this:  Gunner Kiel was set to announce Sunday.  This decision has been delayed.  The rumor is that Michigan might have something to do with that.  Conventional wisdom had been that after Gunner watched Shane throw at the OSU elite 11 camp, he cooled on Michigan, and was likely going to pick Oklahoma.  But I guess, we're not done yet.

Still might be tough to land, but something to keep an eye on.  If he visits, there's Hoke.

Stay tuned...



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Paywall policies say get this news up here and link to it.

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I just don't think Gardner is the guy who would transfer. He is (likely) a RS frosh- he did miss the last eight games (even tho you knew RR wanted to take Drob out of the bowl game to end the bleeding) and had documented back injuries. That gives him at least two years to start. Plus, as much as I love Drob, there is no guarantee that he will finish the season as the starter. We lack dynamic playakers on offense but have two very good qbs. If drob struggles (and only if he struggles), I could easily see DG finishing the year out


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Gardner isn't going to be scared away by anyone two or three years younger than him. He is already confident that he will win the starting job this year according to Sam Webb. And Borges seems to really like him. He's gonna be good in this offense.


June 11th, 2011 at 12:48 AM ^

Do you think Gardner will stick around with all this talent or will he bolt for a team where he will have a chance to play?

Why would he not have a chance to play here? He's already no worse than #2 on the depth chart, and (probably) two years in eligibility behind the starter.


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Gardner is going to be the upperclassmen, not Kiel or Morris. He's going to be the one holding them back until later on. It's not like Gardner was a 5 star recruit or anything....


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Some might worry because of the coaching change, but this kid is built for either system.  He isn't a prototypical spread quarterback soon to be buried behind qbs who fit the offense.

Denard excluded, because he's Denard, of course.


June 10th, 2011 at 9:35 PM ^

He wants to throw behind Erik Magnuson....I know he's not a necessity, but there's nothing like a 5-star QB to top off a class and generate some hype and excitement. I want Kiel in this class big time.


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how much i want Gunner in this class he is the kid that will complete this mega class and will attract a top of the line reciever. i would love for him to visit next weekend and meet all the commits at the Sound body sound mind camp


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how does keil stack up to morris or even bellamy?  also, how does a tom strobel or  mario ojemedia compare with brennen beyer? i see star ratings on all these guys but its hard to say which one i would rather have,like diamond and thurston are both 4 star tackles that both could easily commit to michigan, but with the class filling up fast, if they both wanted to commit late in the process, which is a better fit? i know we would like to take both, but just as an example, what if we only  take one. i dont see alot of film and only have a list of offers with star rankings on them to compare. also , did anyone else find it surprising that reeves said the recent commits have hurt michigans chances and is now going to camp at notre dame, even though they have tee shepard and ronald darby commited?


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Kiel is better than Bellomy.  Bellomy's more of a Scott Dreisbach, somewhat athletic but without an extremely strong arm.  Kiel gets a lot of comparisons to Peyton Manning - not real athletic, but a smart quarterback with a pretty strong arm.

Beyer is a weakside end, Craig Roh type.  Strobel is a strongside end like Ryan Van Bergen, Rondell Biggs, etc.  Ojemudia is a little bit of a wild card.  They say he's being recruited as a weakside end, but a lot of people think he's a better fit at SAM linebacker.  Either way, Ojemudia's an edge rusher.  I see Ojemudia as kind of a 3-4 outside linebacker more than a DE, but whatever.

I didn't find it surprising that Reeves doesn't like Michigan's recent commitments.  Michigan has filled up (or almost filled up) the defensive backfield and doesn't really need another corner.


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Hate to go OT but I'd been meaning to ask if you were going to do a piece on how the new system affects the run game. I saw that you coach your backs with a preference on backfield cuts and RR preferred the same, though maybe with a different blocking scheme and wanted to hear your take on it. Leading up to next year like you've been, which backs of ours do you think will benefit most from making their moves downfield to evade, rather than backfield to mislead. A few backs have had some breakaway runs already, but hardly in a game situation. I think it might be a little early to write off Shaw and Smith just because they don't have prototype size. Hope you've got insight into this because RB is pretty much the last wide open spot we have next year. Peace out.


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Oklahoma in a surprise twist because he was scheduled to visit 'bama recently. I think that despite the recent pre-season #1 status that the loss of a Big12 Championship Game and the addition of a B1G Championship Game will make a big difference. The rest is up to Kiel. I think it plays into our hands that he set a date, but is still undecided.


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Hopefully an addition of Kiel could cause an elite WR and RB to come to Michigan.  I'm looking at you, Bri'onte Dunn, and you, Dorial Green-Beckham.


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You'd think that the quality of our recruiting has to be one of the reasons that he is seeing Michigan as more of an option. Now, with Magnuson, he'd be that much more swayed. If Diamond comes on board, even more so. And, of course, we are in the running for a number of others. But if our O-line recruits fall into place like our LB corps did, you'd have to think he'd give Michigan even more consideration . . .