Rumor out on FL staff offering recruit money

Submitted by StephenRKass on January 27th, 2017 at 5:50 PM

I was just over at the Buckeye site Eleven Warriors. There is something out from an SEC blog about major shenanigans happening at Florida.

LINK:  Rumor out that a recruit has a video of the Florida staff offering him money

You can go to the link yourself. It goes against almost everything I've read about bagmen in the SEC. But if true and proveable, these could be death penalty type violations. I'll believe the NCAA actually does something when I see it happen for the first time. Whatever.

My point in posting here is that this could really have an affect on several recruits. The big one, imhe, is Tedarrell Slaton. We have really not had a shot at him. However, if Florida turns toxic, is it possible he could be flipped at this late date? Would we want Herbert back? I don't know, but I've felt all along that OL recruiting was the most important thing for this class.

It has nothing to do with Florida, but I'd dearly love for dirt to come out this weekend on Georgia, bringing Collins (and possibly Wilson . . . pipe dream, but one can hope) up to Michigan instead.



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I can't imagine an assistant coach is dumb enough to offer cash directly. I did hear a rumor, which could be total bs, but I heard a wr recruit who visited OSU last weekend directly asked the staff what they had to offer. OSU supposedly said they are no longer interested and Florida is now the projected landing spot. Interesting.


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I recall an article a few years ago, presented in the same fashion as most articles of this type, with the intention of determining the best unis, helmet, stadium, et. al. This particular article was going to determine the dirtiest programs in the BIG. The findings were OSU was the leader in terms of the most serious violations. However, they were forced, and this is using their words as best I can recall, to determine MSU the dubious winner, simply due to the sheer number of vioolations. So, it is not like is hasn't occurred there prior to Urb's arrival. 

Tressel, utilizing tricks he had perfected at the far more obscure location afforded him at YSU, may have been the best at his time while at OSU, and actually might be the responsible party for the now understood and accepted illegal practices of its football program.  However, the termination of Tressel, based on NCAA violations, should have resulted in greater scrutiny over its football program, the firing and subsequent hiring of Urban, lead to a more wide spread approach to NCAA violations. Like the premier programs in the SEC, the hiring actually caused greater separation on the part of OSU in terms of accepted practices and experiencing a level of recruiting never before seen at OSU. As is almost always the case at universities who may be somewhat leery in initial implementation of these policies, the degree of success rising to a leval never before experienced, even among some of the most successful programs in the history of the sport, make it easy to accept the practices as an integral part of the program and a genuine reluctance to terminate such activities. Once introduced, these actions will continue to remain a part of the program despite any change in coaching that migth occur. 


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If the staff really knows about what happened at Georgia and how it went down, I really hope something comes of it.

In my opinion it's at least becoming way more public. It's only a matter of time before some big school (Ole Miss doesn't qualify) takes a hit. Harbaugh is not the kind of guy who would take continually losing recruits to bagmen lightly - I won't be surprised if he goes public about it eventually.


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I think he implied shady, but did not get close to or hint at specifics. Basically said, the coaching staff was in total shock as they thought Wilson was a done deal. Because of that, the implication was that something happened, but he never actually said or suggested what that was.

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Yep, there was the strong implication that something shady went down with Isaiah Wilson and Georgia. I thought bigten11 said it was going to come out publicly, and that this wasn't going to go away. That was, in fact, one of the things I was thinking of when I put this up. It would be totally awesome to flip Wilson to Michigan, because dirt came out publicly.

oriental andrew

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if it's proven that shadiness happened and any of those kids was guilty of taking money or gifts, I don't think we'd want them and they may be deemed ineligible anyway. of course, the investigation might take 7 years...


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LOL! The Alabama car thread below seems just as crazy. Obviously if the high school was smart, they uploaded a copy for themselves in case the NCAA doesn't do anything and then won't give the tape back. I would send copies to every major news station and website if that happened. Screw the NCAA if this is proven to be true and nothing is done about it.

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Don't consider this a thread jack . . . just more of the nonsense that is going on out there.

Internally, I am wondering about what Michigan does, and how much they participate. Brian has written about how we are hopelessly naive if we think stuff isn't happening here. We all know about what went down with the Fab 5. Really, the same thing, in many ways. Even if there are bagmen at Michigan, though, I'm sure they stay very, very quiet, and avoid anything that is traceable.

If the Florida coaches actually gave money, that's just dumb. And the Baylor allegations are horrible.

The other thing I wonder about is the matter of degree. Again, Brian, iirc, suggests that a stipend is in order. I would agree. The question is how much. Having looked at the rides in the Bama thread, things are just over the top. Years ago, I lived in the same apt building as several guys on the basketball team. I remember a huge black mercedes with tinted windows. But this was in their senior year. I assumed it was paid for with advance money from an agent (after the their final season was done.) Still, it was obvious to me that those wheels were far beyond what a college student could afford . . . or almost all parents of college students.


January 27th, 2017 at 6:36 PM ^

Guys who would be more in the know like Sam Webb often go public about the cheating going on down South. Had a segment on there today or yesterday as well I believe. I'm not saying Michigan doesn't do anything controversial at all as I clearly do not know, but the fact that Warde Manuel went public last year about Rashan Gary's battle against the bagmen tells me that Michigan tries very hard to do things the right way.


January 27th, 2017 at 7:10 PM ^

I don't claim to be in the know by any means, but I always felt like there was a difference in how players were "taken care of" at a place like Michigan vs the schools down South. First off, I don't think it is a stretch to say that they play a lot dirtier down in the SEC and ACC.

A lot of players at the D1 level come from working-class to poor families. I always felt like it was probably fairly common for people close to a program to make sure these kids had things they need while away from home, especially considering the time commitment that would prevent them from working much while on campus. A little walking around money or whatever isn't really hurting anyone.

In my mind, the dirtier programs are where the bagmen as we know them come into play. It becomes more of a "what do we have to do to get you to sign?" This where the houses for family members, cars, sacks of cash can tilt the playing field.

Again, this is mostly just speculation without much fact, but just how I have always viewed the landscape.


January 27th, 2017 at 6:47 PM ^

"Investigation by lawyers identified at least 52 "acts of rape," including five gang rapes, by 31 football players, in a four-year period. At least two of the gang rapes were committed by 10 or more players at one time, the suit states."

This makes my stomach hurt. How can any school allow this to happen? I don't care how much money a stupid sports team makes, you can't allow this. Period. The school has a mission to educate students. sports are not central to that mission. I'd rather the school not have sports.

I Like Burgers

January 27th, 2017 at 6:15 PM ^

If there actually is video evidence and the coaches are identifiable, this is exactly what the NCAA needs for them to be able to punish someone.  They can really only do something when someone hands them unassailable evidence since they don't have the means to go get the evidence themselves.


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They had a couple high profile decommits and are on track to finish with a terrible class by their standards. Either the extra cash isn't working, or recruits think shit is about to go down. Or maybe the program just looks bad in general.


January 27th, 2017 at 6:20 PM ^

This is the stuff that gives me the willies. Because, in those rare situations where a program gets nailed for seriously bad stuff, it's never the really great programs that get it. If Florida is flat offering cash to recruits and they're still losing out on top guys... what does that say about the guys who are landing those recruits?

Same deal with the Clemson issue. Someone suggested in a thread in the past week that Clemson is the most corrupt program in football, no doubt because they believe Clemson offered cash to Rashan Gary.

Clemson's highest ranked recruiting class in the past 5 years? Ninth. Several of the classes that were building blocks to the current championship team were ranked in the mid-to-low teens.

If they're dirty... what does that say about all these teams finishing ahead of them? 

Michigan was ranked #4 last I checked and finished #5 last year.


January 27th, 2017 at 7:39 PM ^

I guess the other way to think about it is money isn't everything. Schools that have something else to offer can still compete. There are some guys who will follow the money, but others legitimately want somewhere they can get good coaching, compete for a national championship, and get a good education.