rumor: "non-BCS" coach headed to NFL, per @footballscoop (via edsbs)

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He obviously wouldn't run the option in the NFL. The military academies only run that system because they can't run power because there are no fat guys in the military. Troy Calhoun is extremely respected and was an assistant coach for the Denver Broncos from 2003-2005 and was the Offensive Coordinator for the Houston Texans in 2006.


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only answer that makes sense.... Boise wasn't considered to be a member of the BCS since they didn't play a season of Big East Football.  Northern Illinois's coach already bailed and the other top non BCS ranked team at the end of the season is San Jose State (lol). 

Bo Knows

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If it indeed is DeWayne Walker then I'd say this is a great decision on his part, if it's a coordinator position.

 He has plenty of experience as a secondary coach in the NFL, so the only reason why I would see him taking another DB coach job is because he knows he's on the hottest of seats (NM st is terrible, so wouldn't be surprisng.  )  Other than that I'd argue that it's a step down.  If it's as a coordinator, than he:

  1. leaves the deep pit of abyss that is NM St football 
  2. has the chance to produce a great defensive unit, which could in turn net him a higher profile college HC job, or even an NFL HC job