Rumor: Harbaugh, Dolphins Reach Deal in Principle

Submitted by Geaux_Blue on January 6th, 2011 at 4:05 PM
Contract around 6-7 million. Rooney interview to be rushed, hire announced tomorrow.




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That went well.  We do a great job with these coaching searches.  Now you know why everyone was from the Bo coaching tree for so long.  Because we just screw the pooch on the other guys.


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DB or someone operating for the university could have asked him "are you wanting to stay in the college ranks or you taking it to the next level?" and he said "NFL." 

simple as that.

the notion JH was "in Michigan's pocket, theirs to lose" is a fucking fan-base created notion that has ZERO reliable basis other than DB saying "he's been interested in the past." JH just as easily may have found out he could make a million more and take it to the NFL than to keep the college route.

let me make this clear: Michigan didn't "screw the pooch." Harbaugh goes to Clemson or UConn or Maryland? ABSOLUTELY. the guy goes to the NFL? he wasn't available.


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Don't mind In_Rod_I_Trust, he made the decision in the last couple of days that it makes little sense for him to maintain his present user name, and has therefore dedicated this account to trolling.  It should probably be banned even before point totals are allowed to reach Bolivian levels.


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how to use capitals at the beginning of sentences.

"JH just as easily may have found out he could make a million more and take it to the NFL than to keep the college route"

Take what to the NFL ? Keep what in the college route? Do you even know who the subject is in your sentences?

This gem:

""are you wanting to stay in the college ranks or you taking it to the next level?" 

Made me want to cry. Who are you quoting? Why is the person you are quoting equally oblivious of simple rules of the language?

Undefeated dre…

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Goes to the NFL for at least $2-3m more than any college coach makes. I think it's a nutso move by the Dolphins, but he'd be nuts not to take it.

Or maybe Harbaugh's going to make so much money b/c he'll be coaching both the Dolphins AND Michigan? I expect to see incoming transfers "Jack Fong" and "Brad Kenny" suiting up for the maize n' blue next year.


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but they get ya with the sales and property taxes. They also make a sh!t load from their tourism industry where the tax the ever living hell out of everything.


There's a reason most of our service men and women hope for at least 1 tour in either Florida or Texas so they don't have to pay income tax for the rest of their lives (well, at least until they retire)...


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I almost started bitching about property taxes in NY, but then I realized no one on mgoblog is from NY and it is borderline political convo.  Go Blue! No not that blue, the Blue that is under the wings.  eeeeeeek, I gotta get outa here I almost did it again.

Hardware Sushi

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Property tax in for state of Florida coffers = $$$$

The snowbirds, vacation homers and old people living off their next eggs don't bring in much income tax revenue, but they own expensive property, hence the reason for prop tax over income tax.

Still pay the Feds, though.

The FannMan

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I will grant you that the JH to Michigan was an assumption.  However, I think it was based on a reasonable intrepreation of the facts.  For me, the assumption that JH was going to be here was based on the the fact that Brandon waited so long to move, despite the damage it did to recrutiing.  (Sam Webb has stated that the uncertanty was hurting recruiting, and that the damage was getting worse as time went on.)  I had assumed that JH had given some indication that he wanted the job, but also wanted us to wait until after Stanford's game to make the move.  Sure enough, DB meets with Rich Rod the day after Stanford's bowl game.  In the meantime, JH takes Michigan's offer to the NFL and gets a more money.  He then pulls out of the Michigan process and we end up where we are.

This is also consistent with John U. Bacon's WSJ article wherein he states a source told him that Rich Rod was almost kept on as coach because of something that happend in the 48 hours prior to the termination.  Bacon's conclusion is that this is when JH backed out.

The only other explanation for the wait is the "end of the season review" stuff that Brandon said publically.  This may be true.  However, this would mean that Brandon is such a slave to process that he is willing to damage recuiting and turn the coach search into a scramble.  I can't buy that he is so bad at being an AD that he intentionally got us to were we are now. 

Maybe this is just me hoping that BD had a plan that Harbaugh screwed up.  The alternative is that Brandon is lost.  If that is the case, we could be in real trouble.

Hardware Sushi

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Agreed, to a point. IMHO, me thinks DB was hoping JH would be the man to take the spot seamlessly, but if he doesn't, I think DB really believes in the following:

  • He was hoping RR would give him a reason to keep him. I believe DB when he said his mind wasn't made up leading into the bowl. He took a lengthy amount of time because he was looking for signs that the program was headed in the right direction. I think everyone can agree that if you believe your current coach can get you to your goals, the path of least resistance is by keeping your current coach versus hiring someone else. DB removed RR when he lost that faith.
  • DB was either being honest and lowering expectations like a CEO before earnings reports so we, the fanbase, can be more united when we hire someone not named Jim Harbaugh OR is slowplaying it so JH can be free of so many "JH to Michigan" rumors, test the NFL waters and see the grass isn't greener on that side of the fence. I won't pretend to know which. I'd like to believe DB is a super-scheming mad scientist AD that has everything in complete control.
  • He has enough excellent candidates that he believes one of them on his list (that only he and his insiders know) will accept the position and JH isn't the end of the world.
  • If JH wants to come here, DB will do everything in his power to get him here. If JH wants to go NFL, he'll still try but he realizes it isn't armageddon.
  • DB DEFINITELY didn't wait until yesterday after the presser to begin a national coach search. My guess is that he has a list, complete with due diligence on each candidate and a general interest level, and is beginning the contact/interview/negotiation phase, so I don't see this as DOOM (I'll agree firing your coach is never a good sign for your program, but we aren't to DOOM yet).

It's easy to yell 'PANIC!' right now, but I think we should reserve judgement of the process until it's over. I know we're all MGoAddicted to this, but us and the MSM only seem to know about 5% of what's going on right now.