Rumor: Gardner to wear Ol 98

Submitted by Geaux_Blue on September 7th, 2013 at 10:53 AM
It was brought up in the Gameday thread but I've now heard it from 3 people who are unconnected that Gardner will debut Harmon's number tonight. As one of these folks is in the media and another has tapped injuries and suspensions consistently, I think it's fair to say its happening. The only apprehension behind it is a) it feels rushed and b) may be a test of the waters.

Commence purely opinion based arguments on history and This Is Michigan and Hoke does/does not get it.



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According to NCAA rule book, Rule 1 Section 4 Article 1 recommends numbering as follows for offensive players;

Backs 1–49

Snapper 50–59

Guard 60–69

Tackle 70–79

End 80–99

Otherwise all player must be numbered 1–99, the NCAA makes no stipulation on defensive players. Two players may also share the same number though they may not play during the same down.

Wolverines Dominate

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It is recommended but they don't have to. The NFL is way more strict with their numbers, which is dumb IMO, as I don't see what the big deal is about a quarterback donning a number higher than nineteen. If a player, no matter the position, wants to wear, say, 67, let him. I mean who really cares which number a guy wears? I never understood the "that's a weird number for <insert position>" argument.


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Why retire jerseys? I don't understand it.  Does have someone wearing a jersey diminish the accomplishments of Harmon? Saying you could wear the 1 jersey is a recruiting tool, why not number 98?  This isn't meant as an attack I just don't understand how having a new star player wear a jersey diminishes a players legacy.


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Not sure it is more special, but I'd say here are some reasons why people might feel that it is:

- arguably best and most versatile player in M history

- first Heisman trophy winner for UM

- Scored every point vs OSU in 1940 and received a standing ovation for his performance. In Columbus.

- ran away from the whole Cal team, then stiff armed a drunk Cal fan at the three yard line before waltzing into the end zone

- inspired a feature film title "Harmon of Michigan"

- enlisted in the Army Air Corps in WW II. Plane shot down over South America, an he walked to Dutch Guiana and rejoined the war effort. Then his P-38 was shot down over Japanese occupied China. He survived and received both a Purple Heart and the Silver Star for his efforts, and his parachute was used as material for his wife's wedding dress

In short, amazing football player and a great American.


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I really don't care.  While there are things that would annoy me:

----Renaming Michigan Stadium "Domino's Field"

----Get rid of the marching band

----Playing Don't Stop Belivein' during an important 4th quarter drive (oh wait, they do do that)

....this just doesn't get me all riled up. Maybe my bar is set too high on the annoyance/outrageometer, but for me a number doesn't represent anything, and the sharing of numbers diminishes neither the accomplishments of those who wore it before nor the achievements of those wearing it now.


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Hoke can do whatever he wants.  He has assembled a super young, but super talented team.  He has recruited extremely well and is building a program that WILL WIN a national championship.  Of the current 115 players on the team, 81 are 1st or 2nd year players.  That will translate to championships once those players are all seasoned. 

Whatever Hoke decides, I support 110%. 


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Since this was started, I have thought they should just give the numbers out normally to the freshmen with the expectation that if you don't live up to the number in terms of character and leadership then the number can be taken away.


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It would have made sense for them to have #12 jersey in authentic and premier varieties but they haven't. Maybe they knew the jersey 98 would go to Gardner and didn't want to piss off people by dropping that big money on a jersey that would be changed that soon after the season starts.

Ty Butterfield

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It would be nice to see Gardner win a big game first before giving him a Legends number. I think that this will put too much pressure on Devin tonight. He will be pressing to make something happen that will probably lead to a back breaking int.