Rumor that a couple players not at practice today?

Submitted by Dreisbach1817 on March 21st, 2011 at 5:18 PM

Saw a rumor that a couple players were missing from Spring practice today.  Does anyone have any idea who these kids might be?  Sounds like either LBs or DBs.



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The DB that was absent is Denard Robinson.  Hoke thinks he'll be the best 3rd string safety in Michigan history, making stops for the manball offense led by Jack Kennedy.


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The names I've seen thrown around on message boards are Terry Talbott and Cullen Christian.  I do not know if it's true, but those are just the names I've seen.  Don't shoot the messenger.

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The Beave changed his comment to say it was not a member of the DL, so maybe it was the other Talbott.  Who the hell knows?


Additionally, they may have had an excuse for missing practice and whichever tipster/indsider provided the info may not have knowledge of the excuse.


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The rumor I felt said that TT and CC are really disconcerted over the lack of yelling and screaming by the coaches; they've concluded that it means Hoke & Co. don't love them or care about them. They're looking to transfer to Nebraska so they can get some real family-atmosphere screaming from Pelini.


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The CC thing is possible?  FB status today that doesn't mention football but does indicate he's going through some stuff.  Could be coincidence and unrelated, though, I've got no idea.


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I'll join you as a minority.  Some of us cross the line when it comes to this kind of stuff especially recruits.   What comes to mind is the incident where someone of this blog was constantly tweeting prospects about where they were going.


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Cullen and Terrance are confused when Mattison is talking to them because he's not relaying his information through a cuddly beaver puppet.





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The responses to this post are what I love most about this blog!  Funny shit!  If this was the LSU blog, people would be killing chickens and making voodoo sacrifices over the prospect of (unconfirmed) missing players.




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There is going to be attrition, like there is in every coaching change.  As long as Denard and Devin aren't part of it, the team will be fine.  As for today, it doesn't mean squat.  The attrition won't begin until the semester ends.  

It all works out fine.  I'm not literally comparing football to life and death, but this metaphor still holds true: it's better to find out someone doesn't fit in boot camp than in a foxhole.  By the end of spring practice, there will be a few players that don't fit, or for whom Michigan doesn't fit.  As long as they don't badmouth the program on the way out, I will wish them well.  


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For realz though if CC washes out that literally makes everyone of RR's big name recruits a bust: BooBoo(Circa Lloyd), Vlad, Tate, LaLota, Turner, and Demar.


By big name I mean people we all salavated over when they committed, granted there have been plenty of other kids who have stepped up and became stars in their own right by hardwork and dedication.   


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