Rumblings that LaVall Jordan will soon be announced as HC of UW-Milwaukee UPDATE: Officially announced

Submitted by SAMgO on April 7th, 2016 at 9:53 AM

Also possible attrition on the player front still coming. Bacari is also still not expected to be back.

UPDATE: Per below, it is being officially reported.



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probably our best assistant. Well, we already have guards locked up for the next 2 classes (hopefully) and this is a chance to improve defense at least. 

Milwaukee is a decent job but given that Valpo was available and he almost got butler last year, I thought Vall might do better. Hopefully he has the chops to be our next HC down the road 


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Absolutely not.  If you look at it away from the "THIS IS MICHIGAN-no-excuses-championship-or-fail" perspective, Michigan shouldn't have made the tournament, yet they did. If anything, you cacn point to MAAR's development, Walton's continued incremental improvement. Despite what people here like to yell about, Irvin had a very good second half of the year.  There's a lot to suggest that LaVall is continuing his great work and that, had Michigan had a healthy Caris and Spike, they would have been a top-25 team and maybe poised for a deeper tourney run.


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Jordan is a big loss but TBH Walton, Irvin, and MAAR all looked a lot like the players we saw last year. As good as MAAR was at getting to the basketball he still wasn't a very efficient player and struggled with his outside shot. Irvin actually looked worse than he did at the end of last year and it was clear by the secod half of the year the minutes Walton was logging were clearly having an effect on him. Not saying that Jordan's fault, just pointing out this wasn't a year to write home about. Remember, Michigan had Caris and Spike when they got blown out by UConn, SMU, and Xavier. There was no fixing that defense and post play.

This is a huge off season for Beilein. Has to be replace likely two assistants and really get the kids on the team to develop.


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Where was that top 25 team when we were getting destroyed by Xavier and SMU?

Why should a team comprised of three top 30 recruits (two of them being juniors) + top 100 Donnal, + Beilein's targets in Doyle, Wilson, Wagner, and then Rahk not be able to make the tournament?

This is the team that Beilein should have been expecting for this season based off his own recruiting minus Levert who wouldn't have originally been expected to be so good and then later wasn't guaranteed to stick around.

turd ferguson

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Unless there's a lot happening behind the scenes that we don't know (which is possible), there's no reason to believe that Jordan has fewer opportunities now than he had before.  The one serious rumor for Jordan was that he was a candidate - but not the preferred candidate - for the Butler job.  He wouldn't have been a candidate at Butler, though, if he didn't have ties there.  

I think this is a good opportunity for him.  The NCAA Tournament gives head coaches of small schools opportunities to make some noise, prove themselves against high-profile teams, and get promoted very quickly.  That's the usual path for assistants.  You take a small school head coaching job and try to work your way up.  Very few guys step into major head coaching jobs right away.


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Agree that losing Jordan is blech.  When he was interviewing at Butler, the hope/dream was that if he got the job he'd have a solid 4-6 years and be a prime candidate for replacing Beilein when he retires.

A path back to Michigan from UW-Milwaukee might be a litte tougher, but still plausible. His competition in the Horizon league would certainly be lower, making it easier to win. I'd suspect a couple Horizon league championships puts Jordan on many Power-5 radars, though from Michigan's perspective, I'd probably prefer the experience at Butler, even if he doesn't win a championship.

Regardless, a big loss for UM, but it is exciting to see LaVall is going to be taking the next step very soon.


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Brendan Quinn at MLive said to expect something today. Everyone seems to think that Bacari to UD Mercy is a lock. I wonder if that job is a pay cut for him.

Avon Barksdale

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JB can give us 3 more tournament teams and one more Final Four run and then Lavall Jordan can be named head coach after he leads UW-Milwaukee to a 65-35 record over the next three seasons.


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Off the court at least, given the way that JB handcufss his assistants on the recruiting trail. 

On the Court, Lavall seems like a loss unless we bring in a defensive wizzard.  But, again, with they type of athletes we bring in I am not sure that a new assistant will be able to help much in that regard.  


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I'm not sure losing your best assistant is the shakeup needed. The shakeup this program needs is Beilein to start changing things that are weaknesses in his program. Toughness, defense, recruiting, etc. The June 15th offer deadline is so ridiculous. That's Beilein. The don't foul appraoch that literally renders playing defense impossible is Beilein. Recruiting guys like Donnal and Doyle in the post is Beilein. 

The shakeup needed is sitting in the head coaches office. He needs to change himself not the people around him.


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flirting with a head coaching opportunity for a while so I guess this isn't shocking. Since coaching tree seems to be one measure of a head coach I guess this is a good reflection on Beilein and the program. It's also a good opportunity to refresh the program.


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Perhaps an even better indicator - at least the measuring stick that I tend to use - is whether or not the media in the target region is reporting that it is official. In this particular instance, the stories that Jordan has in fact been hired at UW-Milwaukee are starting to break all over, well, Milwaukee, so yeah, we definitely have a vacancy now. I really liked Jordan actually - probably the one assistant I would least want to leave if I had a choice.


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Dumb decision by Jordan.  The basketball program is a mess, with an awful AD.  AD refused to send the team to a postseason tournament, even though alumni were willing to pay for it.  Then after the firing of Jeter, three of UWM top players have requested release from the team to transfer (even though they can still come back if they like Jordan).  On top of that, attendence has been struggling over the years. Just think there were better options out there

James Burrill Angell

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Never heard of him until you mentioned but looked him up. Looks like he was on Fred Hoibergs staff and wasn't retained after Hoiberg left for the NBA last summer. Article I found said he was apparently involved
In Iowa States recruitment of Josh Jackson and Cassius Winston which probably means he has Michigan ties.…