Rules with regard to players selling gear

Submitted by BlueMarrow on November 29th, 2018 at 7:16 PM

I was looking to buy my former roommate a Michigan gift and I came across this on Ebay: 

Sorry if that link didn't come across right, but I have no idea what I'm doing.

My question for the learned on this site:

Is this Kosher? What are the rules and regs for the guys regarding selling their stuff? The player number is not shown, so it may be that the player is no longer in school or with the team. I'm assuming if it's a player on the roster, this would be a no no, but then again, once something becomes their property, why should they be treated different than any other kid? But, the NCAA being what they are, I can see where this could be against the rules.

Does anyone know how the University looks into things like this?

I will take this opportunity to say: I read a lot on this site, but rarely post. I appreciate a lot of the opinions expressed by the regulars. Have a Merry Christmas, and Go Blue! The whooping on NC last night was like a salve on an open wound.



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This came up a little while back and Harbaugh was asked about it in a press conference, I believe (or maybe it was B1G media days?).  As I recall, the rule is that if you're a current student-athlete then it's against the rules but there's nothing stopping them from doing it once their eligibility runs out.  The issue from a few months ago turned out to be a former player (or multiple players.)


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If it's a former player and within NCAA Bylaws 12.5.1 and it's good to go; no identifying likeness is allowed.

It's really no different than when the hockey team has the annual garage sale; they take the nameplate off the jersey to keep it "legal".

Current players -- just ask tOSU how that goes.


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You weren’t on the Blog during the huge UNC shoe fiasco this Summer and inferences that M might have had players involved?

No current M players were involved.   It is a violation as a current player - hence the huge number of UNC players suspended to start the year.

I would guess if a current player was involved with this item, they would not only get a School/NCAA penalty but also a boatload of stair runs for being a moron for doing this so soon after getting re-educated on these rules.


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It does seem odd that you would say that. There were a number of stories about the Michigan shoes for sale in early to mid August of this year and you posted a couple of times in other posts during that same time frame. Now it is possible that you just didn't click or see the shoe stories but you also can't blame people for questioning how you missed the multiple stories about shoe sales yet managed to post in other topics during that same time frame. The possible shoe violations was a big story in August because of what had happened at UNC.



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If it's a player who's left the school or otherwise no longer associated, it's no harm no foul.  If it's a current player, the NCAA will come calling ASAP; selling team issue stuff is basically what got Tressel.


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A healthy balance maybe...??

(A) Universities should never be required to pay athletes, that is asinine thinking and will only serve as the destruction of major college athletics, rather;

(B) allow players to earn off their own likeness and whenever gifted something they should be allowed to dispose of it as they please...$...The law is heavily on their side... 

(C) If a kid thinks he is good enough to enter the pro's (Football or Basketball) at age 18 out of high school, allow them to make that decision with two caveats: 1) Once you enter the draft your NCAA eligibility is gone and 2) If you enter college you should be required to graduate with a DEGREE (novel thinking educate these young men) before you become eligible to enter any draft.  

This will never happen it would require too much corporation on the part of the NCAA, NFL/NBA, and major universities.....


Arb lover

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As an eternal pessimist my hunch is that you are the guy selling that and posted it here on this blog, the best possible site for that item, for hopefully a buyer to get interested. 


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Those shoes are awesome and I would happily buy those or the Jordan 5 retro Michigan ones for $200. I'd even love to buy a pair of the Jordan football gloves. I saw a used pair on eBay a few weeks back, but they appear to be from last year.

But yeah, I'm not a rich man, so I won't be going close to that price.