RR Will Be Coach for the Next Month

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This can be locked and doesn't require discussion but instead thrown up to decimate the Lynn Henning article and the 9 other bs notions that have gone out and around the past week:

UM Ath Dept officials told WTKA that the evaluation of the football program will be like all teams -- after the season, including postseason (HT: MichiganInsider)

Rodriguez will not be fired Monday. He will not be fired after the game Saturday to a chorus of boos by the OSU faithful. He will not be fired in the Shoe. He will not be fired with a fox, he will not be fired in a box.

tl;dr version: Successful Reporter Troll is Successful

Edit: Dave Brandon chimes in


DaveBrandonAD Dave Brandon 

Heard about a "rumor" re: some "big announcement" on Monday regarding M-Football. Add it to the rumor rubbish pile! Happy Thanksgiving!



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just not anymore. obviously things are fine or i wouldn't be trying to be a valuable frequent commenter. i enjoyed being a mod and won't feel bad not clicking into Beveled Guilt because of the absurd number of hours i helped out. that's all.


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I don't want this confirmed because in my own head he and Brian hang out and one night they got drunk and in a big fight and Brian got home and immediately stripped him of his Mod abilities. Or they got in an E-Fight or something. This is because being a michigan fan has caused me to, by correlation, LOVE DRAMA!


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Whoa, whoa, whoa.  That would make both Kirk Herbstreit and that random poster on virtually every thread this morning incorrect.  So I find it pretty hard to believe.


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The media was out for RR's head since day one...and now its the last game of the season they want to start more shit with no crudible sources. The media is scum...whats so different than the Freep or Detnews to TMZ...NOTHING! They just want to start shit...thats how the get hits on there websites and papers sold.


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is that there are no repercussions for being right, yet you get so many accolades for being right. If you pull something out of your ass and it ends up being right, you are a super sleuth who has "inside knowledge." If you're wrong you keep hosting College Gameday. 

Super J

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Hey don't lump TMZ with all of those untrustworthy media type out their.  TMZ broke the Farve text messagegate 8 months ago, and because it was TMZ it was dismissed.  They don't have the best tactics but are more honest than all the rest.  Besides Harvey is a lawyer.


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Any random dude with a microphone knows more than these bullshit "UM Athletic Department Officials."

If he didn't know stuff, then please explain how he got a microphone. 



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Yeah but I have a source who works for the University of Michigan cleaning bathrooms and he heard a cell phone conversation from a stall which had what he was pretty sure were Brandon's feet underneath and he was talking to Jim Harbaugh about moving to Ann Arbor, and this source doesn't lie. 


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A serious question:

It seems obvious that the AD put this out in response to the rumors that have started to gain steam.  Well done by the AD for promptly squashing such a rumor that could cause a distraction on the eve of a huge game.

But, does the fact that the AD simply said that the evaluation would be done after the post-season - rather than saying that RR will be back next year - bode negatively for RR?  I know, DB has consistently said that he would make his eveluation after the season, so this is just being consistent.  However, with the rumors circulating, if DB had already decided to bring RR back, it would have made sense to come out and say so now.

So, to me, this means that at a minimum, no decision has been made on this issue, and DB is actually going to go through a real analysis after the season to make this important decision.  Am I reading too much into a non-statement?

Also, conspiracy theory warning:  is it possible that DB has already approached Harbaugh and Harbaugh has said that he will not leave his team that is about to play in a BCS bowl until after the bowl?  Harbaugh always struck me as someone who had a real sense of what he considered to be right and wronf, and the type of guy would would frown on leaving a team before finishing the entire season.  This of course assumes that (1) RR may be fired, (2) there would be interest in Harbaugh, and (3) Harbaugh would be interested in coming home. 


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Can't remember the one article that probably was posted here, but it was the most telling article of any that Dave brandon was asked about the teams progress.


He talked about the MSU and Iowa games and how MSU didn't beat us, and if Denard just calms down and throws an accurate throw on both the INT's it is a different game and we are in position to win. 

Same thing with the Iowa game at the end if we make a stop we had a chance to tie the game up.

If anyone has a link to the article it would be appreciated, but he sounded pretty positive about the team.  It was before the Wisconsin game i think and possibly a rivals article.


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You had me until the bit about Harbaugh having a real sense of right and wrong.  I can't help but think of his DUIs and general dickishness, not to mention him waiting until Bo was dead to talk shit about the program.  If he had any balls at all, he would've said it while Bo was alive and dealt with the fallout, but that's just not his style.

I hope RR gets another year but realize there's a decent chance that he won't.  If Harbaugh's the replacement I'm still going to cheer for the team, and he may very well be successful, but it's going to be hard for me.  I really don't like the guy


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Harbaugh's loose cannon style could lead to some great moments:

  • Reaching out for postgame handshake with Dantonio only to pull his hand back and brush the side of his hair with it.
  • Harbaugh + Tate coming off the field after 3 and out = sideline camera guy's wet dream.
  • Forming a Dennis/Mr. Wilson-like relationship with Tressel.
  • Out-smugging Bielema.
  • Wearing the #1 jersey on the sideline himself in a figurative pissing contest with Braylon.