RR should revoke all of the freep's press passes

Submitted by SFBayAreaBlue on August 30th, 2009 at 4:15 PM

There is one way that I wish RR were more like Lloyd, and that would be to be more careful about dealing with the press. On the one hand it's nice to have daily reports and lots of access, but on the other hand there are assclowns like drew "assclown" sharp and mike "semi-retarded" rosenberg.

And I don't think it's such a great idea for freshmen to be talking to reporters, unless they've been coached up by someone on what to say.

And since the freep isn't even a real paper anymore, why treat them like they still are? Revoke their press passes. There's a hundred newspapers, the bigten network, mgoblue.com, dozens of blogs, and thousands of fans with facebook and twitter. If one less quasi-newspaper is missing, no one is going to notice. The important information of the game will still be available to all.

RR needs to send a message to all these lowlife dirtdiggers with an axe to grind. Get rid of the bums.

Or at least give the cliche' speech to all the kids before letting a reporter anywhere near them.




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There is one way that I wish RR were more like Lloyd, and that would be to be more careful about dealing with the press.

My guess is that you liked this just until yesterday. But year he is going to go all Bo on this and just shut it down.

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Generally, the media goes through the SID to acquire media passes. But they are not going to revoke the Freep's passes. I've never heard of that happening. If RR is really concerned about players spouting off to the media, he can limit the media's access to a select number of players during the week and following games. Normally, this is how it works. All other media requests for player interviews go through the SID office for approval.


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is not a government. what is wrong with you? you don't vote on which players get elected to the team. The team does not dictate what laws you will live under. The freedom of the press does not include the right to violate the privacy of non-public officials. There is no guaranteed right for a reporter to be able to watch a private sporting event. Reporters that lie, slander, and libel are susceptible to repercussions.


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You wrote:

Reporters that lie, slander, and libel are susceptible to repercussions.

I respond:

Rosenberg's story makes us upset, and there is a cognitive leap made in the story that doesn't quite fit. As a result, Michigan is going to be just fine on the other side.

However, RosenDOUCHE did not lie, slander, or libel anyone. Get that thought out of your head.


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and I didn't suggest legal action against them. I was responding in kind to a shill by talking in general terms. I suggested revoking their passes as an acknowledgment of the freep's failure to present an unbiased story. Is it really that big a deal to revoke a press pass?

here, read this:


"may be revoked at ANY time"


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But if they revoked passes it would make RR appear vindictive; it would simply add fuel to the fire and confirm suspicions in many eyes. I think it would be reasonable for RR to restrict further access to players, but outright banning certain reporters would ultimately be counter-productive, IMHO.

I just hope that RR makes sure that Snydenberg don't find themselves behind locked doors with a certain strength coach. The local CSI unit would have a nice mess on their hands to deal with. Martin would have to call in Gil Grissom.


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Agree, he should work internally to eliminate external problems. Revoking press passes is about as good a suggestion as suing was, a very impolitic thing to do. The more effective action would be to clean up anything that may even appear to be questionable (including limiting who talks to the press), and invite the Freep amateurs to try to find something. IN other words, issuing a "ok, that is how you want to operate? bring it on chumps"


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You mean the Free Press that won this year's Pulitzer Prize for reporting? That one? What is wrong with those of you who immediately respond with defensive hostility? What makes you sure the Freep is wrong? Were you at all those practices? Or is it simply that you're pissed because the paper had the gall to report something you don't like? If the paper had reported same about Notre Dame, would you have the same reaction? If it turns out that M did indeed cross the line, then it should be punished, and we should support said punishment. Stop being such one-dimensional homers. Wait and see how this plays out before yelling and screaming about The Media.

Oh, by the way, one very popular M player, Terrence Taylor, is going on the record confirming the story's accuracy. At which point, no doubt, you'll begin finding reasons to impugn him as well.

Michigan has to do things the right way. If it hasn't been doing so, shame on M, and on us for blindly supporting them.


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Fair point. I guess what I really should be saying is:

If you really love the M, you'll want this investigated and adjudicated thoroughly, over time. If RR is guilty, that means he really has been kind of abusing the laws and the players. Ten hours on Sundays? They don't even do that in the NFL.


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Revoking press pass? Never gonna happen. Take Rosenberg's questions at a press conference? Well, he doesn't have to do that either. I don't doubt the Free Press used up a lot of their goodwill inside the program, but they're the largest newspaper in the state. Just because you revoke their press pass doesn't mean they'll stop writing about you.


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RR really can't "revoke" the pass without hurting Michigan more. What he needs to do is cut media access across the board. The super-availability thing was really cool, and fans like us appreciated the idea, but as with most good things, it only takes one person to ruin it for everyone, and this is what has happened. I'd be surprised if RR doesn't modify the way the team handles the media at least a little bit to accomodate things like this.

More importantly, though, RR really needs to fix the TEAM. It's one thing to be in the best shape of your life, but there can't be people breaking off. RR needs to be The Leader, and it'll be interesting to see how the TEAM reacts and to see the effects of whatever he decides to do.


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Shut the hell up.

The only thing I want done is for Michigan to win by 40 next week. Talking about press passes is just stupid. If you don't like the paper, don't read it, but let them try and do their job.


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how did you get to 2000 points by telling people to shut up? "Let them try and do their job" cause they've been so willing to give RR that same courtesy. HA!

If they had actually done their job, this wouldn't be an issue. Did they talk to WVU players? Did they compare to other schools, in a national context? Did they actually have any hard evidence or just gossip? Are there real violations here or is it just a pissing contest between rosendouche and RR? if so, RR should piss harder and higher. revoke their passes.


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Yeah i'm insane about Michigan football especially when some ass clown comes out with this type of article a week before our first game. Freep or Rosenberg will NEVER get another hit from me... it might not mean anything to them but i don't care!


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Mitch Albom is an ass who has not only violated every major tenant of journalism by simply making a story up and filing it but has also been extremely critical of Rodriguez...

...yet I don't see you posting pictures of a shredded copy of 'Bo'.

I've stuck up for Rosenberg insomuch as he did nothing wrong from a journalistic perspective. I don't like his vendetta against RichRod or his timing... but 'War' was a fantastic book. If you really think tearing a book (which is highly flattering to Bo at Woody's expense) that was that good up because you dislike the writer is mature then you're not the type of person I want to associate myself with.


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From a post by Section_6 on Rivals, it sounds like the Freep is following the path blazed by the Ann Arbor News.

Also mentioned that rumblings have this article being one of Rosey's last.


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I have a source who claims Rosenberg has already applied for admittance to the University of Toledo College of law. Rumor is Rosenberg & Carty team up and open a practice after graduation.