RR says one BT school neg recruits

Submitted by ish on February 3rd, 2010 at 3:42 PM

according to dave birkett, RR said "There's only one school in our league we thought was negative recruiting quite a bit." my money is on osu or msu.



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We don't compete with most Big 10 schools for recruits (but for a couple kids here and there), but we do with PSU, OSU, and MSU regularly.

I don't think Tressel needs to be negative... he's at the top. I don't see JoPa running that kind of program

my money is on MSU:

1) If you read between the lines of Gholston's recent statements
2) and more importantly, he's a very angry man with a gigantic in-state chip on his shoulder


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I don't have a link for this, but I know that OSU people ("insiders," recruiting watchers, and the like) think that Penn St., particularly Larry Johnson, Sr., tell kids that OSU and Michigan don't care about graduating black athletes.

Steve in PA

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While at PSU I had several friends that attended HS in that town. Not one of them had anything good to say about the Johnsons. Both of his kids were/are no-class losers and most times that is learned or tolerated at home.

I'd put my money on LJ Sr being the one RR was talking about although MSU wouldn't be a stretch either.

Mr. McBlue and…

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"Raback it" now - Purdue.

No question - Hope is a hopeless coach who uses his players to try and make opposing coaches feel bad. PLUS, they are still bitter over our WR coup...

Plus with the "mild success" they've had over us the past two seasons they must be feeling high and mighty.


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Like jtmc33 said, the vest doesn't need to do that. (And as I type this, RR says it's NOT Ohio State.)

Dantonio's soul is clearly consumed with hatred for Michigan, so my money is on him.

HOWEVA: I won't discount Penn State as a slight possibility. It doesn't seem like JoPa's way, but I wouldn't say the same about his assistants.


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RR had a chance to clear names at the end and he cleared OSU. Actually said some nice things about Tressel. It would have been a perfect opportunity to clear the other rival, MSU, as well. He didn't. If you go outside the B10, Corwin Brown neg recruited UM at Notre Dame all the time.


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Guys, it's Northwestern. "They say they're the best academic school in the conference? We are! They wouldn't know astrophysics if it was a black hole right in front of their face!"


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like a boilermaker in here.

Here's to killing Purdue 96 to 3 and having Hopes porn stash fall off his face.

typically i harbor no ill will against B11 teams, (always giddy when tOSU and MS take one in the chin) but this action towards an institution of higher education gets my hammock in a bunch.


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In the end does it really matter who it is? They obviously did not do better in the recruiting trail. Unless of course it is in fact PSU. I mean come on Danturdio did get Gholston, great pick up for him, but he was not able to neg recruit DG from M. Lets look at this logically if you have to neg recruit then that tells me E. Lansing has nothing to offer their recruits other than jail time.


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RRod closed out saying it wasn't OSU. We don't really compete with most of the Big 10 for recruits. So who did we potentially lose recruits to? OSU, PSU...and MSU. PSU...I think that they likely won the battles of defensive players fair and square, as they have been LB univ for years. OSU was eliminated. You work out the math.


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My first thought was Purdue.

The Gholston stuff sounded like it was moreso fuelled by his HS coach, which technically isn't MSU negative recruiting.

MSU wouldn't surprise me though but my first thought was Purdue.


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Purdue Guaranteed...

Lots of hatred brewing down there for Michigan with the suspension/handshake and now Roundtree has become legit, one of our main threats...Rich Rod alluded to the whole stealing recruits thing too in the presser saying if a guy is committed why is he still looking... so it was definitely on his mind.


Garvie Craw

February 3rd, 2010 at 4:19 PM ^

My money is on Dantonio. The other schools don't really need to run M down. Listen to the comments from Spartan players, Spartan recruits, and high school coaches who feed MSU. It's all very acrimonious.

[email protected]

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In that survey of the top-10 recruits from the state, Hankins was asked if OSU bashed Michigan in his visit. I don't have the link, but he said that they didn't say anything negative, but they did show him the clock that has the last time we beat them. All in all, that is pretty mild.

It's gotta be Dantonio.