RR Press Conference is at 11:45 on BTN

Submitted by CincyBlue on July 27th, 2009 at 10:35 AM

Per Twitter: RR Media Day press conference will be at 11:45 on the Big Ten Network. Expect a few Lion King quotes.



July 27th, 2009 at 12:42 PM ^

I hope some jerk asks sweater vest about Forcier and DRob too. I doubt that will happen, but I'm hopeful. I see no other reason to ask about Terrelle than to simply annoy RichRod.
Oh and this too:

EDIT: Btw, this video may make your ears bleed, and I'm perfectly ok with that.


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I think it's a really good thing for the media morons to completely dismiss us. The more that the Michigan players — and coaches — hear and read that they have no chance to be really competitive, the more intense their desire to prove everybody wrong will be. Football is a game of emotion, and being angry and pissed off, if channeled and harnessed correctly, can be a great thing.


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"I guess when you are coming off the worst season in years you can expect one of the questions to be about the punter"

nice comment - shows a lot of ignorance on his part that Mesko is going to be a finalist for the Ray Guy award. I guess he also missed the point RR made when asked the question that Zoltan is a great leader, already in graduate school and is right in the middle of all the conditioning drills.

All Hail Space Emperor


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I caught the second half of Bielema's presser and RR blew him away. Bielema actually made a point of saying how he always reads what the other teams players and coaches are saying about their team the week before they play. Then he said that he has a tattoo of a Hawkeye on his calf. That guy is toast after this year.


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Most explosive offense in the country....re- Illinois? For a team not going through a rebuilding year last year who went 5 and 7 overall, this guy is a Joke. I am not arguing they have a few good guys on the offensive side of the ball...but, come on.


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Funny that Bielema talked about their traditional NFL style offense and why that should matter to recruits. I know we don't really lose anyone to the W, but, I can imagine what that conversation is like at other universities.


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this guy talks about Forcier with an Unguided Missile? The one thing Tate offers more than any other, is his accuracy.

Good talk about the D though. Graham and Ezeh look to shine.


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RR comes across as being thoughtful, honest and well spoken. That is great for the Michigan coach to be....

When I compare him to a crazy, douchebag baby like Dantonio...or a snake like Tressel ("Marijuana Berry will be ready to go")... it makes me feel proud that Michigan has a coach in place who knows how to handle the pressure and the media.