RR hates childrens, charity golfing - LaMarr's cool with it

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U-M football players to miss Heroes for Kids fundraiser

"The fourth annual Heroes For Kids golf benefit likely still will take place Wednesday at Apple Mountain Golf Club, but not as originally planned.

Larry Preston, one of the directors of the event which raises money for Saginaw youth recreation, said he learned today that no University of Michigan football players are able to take part in Wednesday's benefit.

Preston said U-M officials told him first-year U-M football coach Rich Rodriguez and his staff have scheduled a mandatory strength and conditioning workout for the players on Wednesday.

"It's a big disappointment for all of us," Preston said. "The (U-M) players always have said how much they enjoy Heroes For Kids, and the strength and conditioning coach (Mike Barwis) said he wants to work with us on this next year.

"But this workout is mandatory, and all players must attend. It's coach Rod's call on that. This is his first year (at U-M), and he's doing everything he can to make sure his team is successful."


Preston said he worked with former U-M running back Jamie Morris, who was serving as a liaison to arrange for U-M players' participation. Preston said Morris was gone on vacation last week, and the two communicated Monday in an effort to secure commitments from U-M players for this year's event. Preston said Morris talked to the U-M coaching staff Tuesday and learned of the scheduling conflict.

Preston said MSU plans to bring extra players, and U-M will send three student-athletes from the Wolverines' gymnastics and women's basketball teams. Preston said he also expects former U-M and NFL free agent Roy Manning Jr., a Saginaw High graduate, to participate."


So apparently U-M football players won't be attending a planned charity event involving the childrens due to a mandatory workout. Comments on the original news site point the finger at RR, but it sounds to me like Jamie Morris is the culprit here (bad communication and bad scheduling). Either way, more "bad press" for RR, who can now add "Dream Crusher" to his list of titles.

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Not really sure this reflects that poorly on RR. The article, quoting the director of the event, seems to lead the reader to believe that this unfortunately just got lost in the shuffle of bringing in a new regime. Given more time to plan (i.e. next year), this wouldn't have been a conflict.


July 29th, 2008 at 10:04 AM ^

I think attending charity functions is great! However, the University Michigan FOOTBALL team is a football team first and traveling carnival second. RR is new. It is beholden upon these types of organizations to establish ties and clear things with him well in advance to avoid just these complications. This group (or Jamie Morris) failed in that department. So, this is THEIR FAULT. The UM hired RR to win football games. It doesn't make sense for him to alter what must be a tight schedule at the last second to make up for a charity group's incompetence. If the group wants to blame RR and tweak UM with threats involving MSU then they suck.