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Did anybody else go?  I went, for the people-watching.  There were probably 300-400 people there, floating in and out.  I think I had bid-card #290 or so.  Three reporters from the Daily.  One from the AP.  One film crew from Fox, and one from WDIV.  No sign of Rosenberg, Snyder, Sharp, etc.

There were some rather cool things sold.  Lots and lots of standard sideline golf shirts.  A few commercially-unaviliable things like S&C t-shirts.  Two extremely cool t-shirts that had the helmet logo on them, that said "OFFENSE" and "SCORE" on them.  There were some signed hats.  Generally very nice stuff.

My rough guess (I'm sure an accurate number will be posted later) was about $15,000 for the Salvation Army.  There were about 140 items auctioned; some others for general sale.



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Actually, I respect and admire RR.  I will watch and support him wherever he goes, and I feel he would have turned our program around with a few changes.  He is a classy guy, and a great football mind that represented Michigan well.  This comment was in no way derogatory towards him, but rather a representation of the heart and soul he put into the program and how difficult it must be to step away.  He gave Michigan his everything.  It sucks.  Sometimes comedy is the best way to cope.


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There once was a man with a feather in his hat.  The whole world knew the deficit and protected it with such vigor that the rest departed for the hills and the town was safe.


Also, dudeness, you make my eyes water with garbage.  I see the protect RR at all costs meme hasn't been emptied yet.  Your shirt look like a curtain, motherfucker.


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If it wasn't an 18 hour drive I would have went and snagged a golf shirt or two. There have only been 19 Michigan head coaches, snagging some threads that were worn by one of them  would have been cool IMO, and helps a good cause. Pretty sweet they raised almost 15K.


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Rich Rodriguez is exiting this stage with a tremendous amount of class. I don't know if anyone could do it any better.  But it isn't any different then how he acted in the face of everything when he was here. Just keeps digging deeper at the worst of times and gives more. The Mealers, the hospital and charities, the insane hours trying to right things, and now this.

He earned that week end in a warm sunny place he was talking about.


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I bought Scott Shafer's stuff went he left UM. Got it all on eBay. Almost paid more for shipping than the cost of the haul. Oddly enough the shirts I got ranged from Medium to XXL. He never struck me as an XXL guy.


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I  wouldn't have thought so either, although you can never be sure how many trips anyone really made to Blimpy Burger........the trick is not eat there before the first game and then not eat again at all until the conference schedule starts.

Mercury Hayes

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I have some pics that I submitted to Deadspin via Twitter. They are still up on the site.

I was bid card 210 and I arrived at noon. I can't believe 200 people showed up before noon. And I think more than $15,000 will be gained from this. I was thinking 20-30k. Shirts were going for 100 bucks.


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