RR and Rita genuinely very nice people

Submitted by Wolfman on January 14th, 2011 at 1:24 AM

Couldn't copy the link for some reason, but poster on rivals made post about RR donating about 16 bags of Michigan gear to Salvation Army in the AA area to help the disadvantaged.

Wasn't meant as a fuck you good-bye, but a true classy gesture. Going to miss that "Real People" feel we got from that man, plus the what might have been also.  Think Brandon fucked this thing up way toooooooo early. 




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He is a nice guy.  It's unfortunate it didn't work out, but I think the parting is for the best.  If you think the guy was dragged through the mud the last two offseasons, this coming one would have been worse still.  The media can smell blood in the water.  I get the sense that the players - even though many of them obviously care deeply for RR - are a little relieved that all that controversy is over and the program is no longer under siege. 

FWIW, I think Hoke brings a lot of that "Real People" feel, too.


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Maybe it's just me but this doesn't seem out of the ordinary.  If Jim Tressel were to get canned tomorrow, would he throw 12 bags of OSU swag in the trash, or make a 10min. drive to the SA?  Now SEC coaches, that's another story.  


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I am very sad to see RR go.  DB is one of the Lloyd Carr gestapo.  Cant Mary Sue Coleman get rid of him or is he one of hers?  She needs to broom Lloyd too.  Get rid of that old guard


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But, but they're not from the Midwest and don't have Midwestern values. They didn't come from Lloyd Carr's coaching tree, nor did he play for Michigan. Oh, and they speak plainly in a foreign accent saying things like "ya'll" or "soda" instead of "pop".

So you see, they can't possibly be genuine, or nice.


ZOMG, he didn't keep his M gear - he must have not really wanted to be a "Michigan Man"!


Srsly - I wish Rich, his family, and his staff the best. They do seem like very nice people, and they seem to have worked very hard, trying the very best they could to right the ship.


January 14th, 2011 at 12:03 PM ^

The hilarious thing is that about half the comments on the DetNews.com article are actually people saying things like that: "he never was a Michigan Man! He was so quick to give it away!" and "he couldn't wait to get rid of those clothes!"


So ashamed to be associated with people like that.


Hope the best for RichRod, except against UM. :)

Don Keypunch

January 14th, 2011 at 7:54 AM ^

I was sad to see him not get the 4th year. Hopefully he'll land somewhere where he is given the full support of the fanbase and has a chance to succeed. Oh what could have been with Denard coming back for a 3rd year in that offense.............


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loved RR.  i will always be bitter over everything that went on during his time here, especially the last month.

not sure how Dave Brandon comes to the conclusion that everything Lloyd Carr = Michigan Man and the way Bo would want it. there are definitely 2 types of Michigan Men. the badasses that came from Ohio State and the outside in (like RR), and the inbred know it all wannabe types that are the exact opposite. guys like Feely, Braylon, Dhani, etc have it all wrong.

Bo liked RR, and so did most of the former Bo players. hell, Brandstatter was calling for another year under RR and so was Falk.

The program

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I am really happy to see this post while I have been outspoken in my feeling about the direction of the program (and have lose a lot of points because of it).  I am really happy to see this post because Rich Rod does seem like a nice guy and I think he does deeply care about his players.  I wish him best of luck in the future.


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Guy from my hometown that I played ball with was private security person for Rita.  Told me early on they were very down to earth wholesome people.  Too bad the wqay things went for them.