Royce Jenkins-Stone tweets about visiting Michigan today

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Had a great day today visited @BradyHoke and the Michigan Fam. Say iam the next #Ray Lewis.



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You are correct sir.  Hoke was just quoted on the front page of MGoBlog saying he won't ever use twitter and basically everyone else can just deal with it.  So that's got me wondering, if someone puts up a twitter account pretending to be you (uses your pic, etc), can't you file for that to be taken down?

OMG Shirtless

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Go ahead and die.  Ross and his family loved the visit to Michigan this weekend. I'm sure RJS did as well.  He may ultimately choose a different school, so fucking what, he loved the visit, he loved Mattison, he loved Hoke,  If he feels that another school is a better fit, so be it.  We gave a fantastic recrutiing visit, that's as much as you can do.


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What the hell are you talking about? You have to be about 14 years old, I hope you are anyway. That would explain all of your posts..... I take that back 14 year olds would be ashamed. 

Brian please, I beg you, bring back the negbangs that count for something. This site has gone to hell in a handbasket ever since the point system was shut down. The trolls have no fear anymore.


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Please use correct capitalization and punctuation more consistantly in the future. It makes reading your posts a more pleasant experience.

Thank you, I appreciate the extra effort.


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Mea culpa, though I did originally only specify punctuation and capitalization. Still, I somewhat undermined my own message by misspelling that word.



Please use correct capitalization, punctuation, and spelling (for MGoChippewa) more consistently in the future. It makes reading your posts a more pleasant experience.

Thank you, I appreciate the extra effort.


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There is so much time between now and NSD 2012 that getting excited or trying to figure out what a tweet means is going to drive me nuts...and I'll still do it.  I really think RJS is going to wait until after his senior year before he makes up his mind.  (i know he tweeted he was going to pick prior to) I think what GM does with the D this year is going to be a big part of the process for Royce, Ross and Richardson.


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I agree that he will wait a little but I think it has less to do with how the D plays and more RJS wanting to soak up the spotlight a little more.  It seems like with each year, recruiting becomes crazier and crazier.  Think about it, we had one recruit who basically had his whole segment live on ESPN (and it wasnt even NSD) and another recruit publicaly announce he was going to one school and then just not send in his LOI and go elsewhere. 

Now does that mean that RJS, Richardson, Ross, Wormley etc., are going to wait just to soak up recruiting attention? No, not necessarily,  but I do think that more recruits are going to wait longer, or only give soft verbals (i.e. go on other visits and take other calls... think Dee Hart (too soon? I'm sorry)) so that they can maximize their offer numbers and the media attention they get.  I hope that I am wrong in the case of RJS, I just wouldnt hold my breath waiting for the kid to commit. 

Go Blue!


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of mlive, with the trolls and name calling.

Anyway, my concern with LB recruiting is our depth at the position. We currently have 8 guys, and that doesn't include T. Gordon, Furman, C. Johnson or Hawthorne (I think at least two are going to be LB's). Add to that the incoming freshman (Jones, Morgan, Poole and Clark). That is a lot of LB's.

Is LB going to be with Hoke, what the slot guys were to RR?


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Interesting question, but there might be a difference.

Furman is listed on the football roster as a safety. Roh is listed as a LB, but I think his abilities might be more suited to being on the line with his hand down. It's also not uncommon for one or two guys to come in listed as LBs and then get big enough to end up on the line by the time they're juniors. With the slot guys, it's harder for me to envision them moving to other positions because of their size.

Even if none of the LBs moved to other positions, I think the numbers at LB are actually a good thing, given our problems on defense the last three years, especially at that position.


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I've gotten so used to early commits (Hollowell in January last year, Miller at the beginning of his junior year before that) and I see them for other teams around the country that it's making me anxious for our first of this year.

Then I have to remind myself that guys like Ross, RJS, and Diamond haven't been in touch with Hoke for months, like previous recruits had been with Rodriguez.

People are still in that "getting comfortable with the new guy" mode.  It will happen soon enough.  And I ALWAYS have to remind myself that NOTHING is official until next Feb.