Roy Roundtree to wear #21

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For everyone bagging on me for my sig, it may not be the #1 jersey but it's the next best thing.

Congrats Roy!

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"I am very pleased that Roy will be wearing the number 21 this year." - @DesmondHoward


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Good thought. It would probably have to wait till next year, as Vincent Smith is likely to be on kickoff returns and Countess is also a candidate there. If Countess has a good sophomore season then he should be ready for #2.



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I think it's funny that the #1 has all the hoopla (thanks to Braylon, some of it ridiculous) and talk about it, but Desmond Howard won the Heisman in #21 and now since it has the patch, it may likely pass #1 as the most important jersey number for WRs. 

With that, I would love Denard, or anyone really, to wear #1 sooner or later, just to get the monkey off all our backs. Everyone has opinions, and some complicated criteria about who deserves to win the number. It just needs to go back to being a number for very good players, not just something that we hold for players we think are going to be literally legendary.


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AC was awesome, and Terrell and Braylon were exciting, but Desmond won the Heisman.
When you hear #16, do you think of Smith, or Navarre? NO! You think of Denard. Don't confuse matters by sticking him with #1.
I would rather the #1 be used as recruit bait.


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Yeah, before AC showed Michigan ran the option almost exclusively. There's a book by Curt Stephenson who played WR right before AC showed up. Theres a bit how he was always hilariously wide-open the few times they did pass because everybody always expected the run. If Anthony Carter played in the late-80's under Bo or under Moeller, he would be talked about as one of the greatest receivers to ever play the game


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Roy Roundtree will make Desmond Howard proud. The NUMBER 1 jersey should go to the best PLAYMAKING WR! The NUMBER 2 jersey should go to the BEST CB who can also make some plays on offense to! GO BLUE!!!


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I'm also in favor of Denard turning #16 into a Legend.

I have my favorites, of course, but I'm not going to debate one Legend over another. They all played different roles, in different eras, but each one was special to the program at the time. Hell, Kramer's number was retired after his senior season, before he graduated.


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First off, Brayon didn't make the #1 jersey thing a huge deal.  It already was a huge deal.  RR made a pretty bonehead move and gave it to a freshman DB.  Somebody needed to tell RR the mistake, and Braylon did that.  He also created the huge scholarship with ties to the number.  Those are all fine in my book.  He brought attention to it with that stroy - but that story isn't what suddently made the #1 jersey a huge deal.

My views on this have evolved with the changing legacy #'s.  Now, I'd love to see:

#21 go to the team's best WR, as long as he is also a great leader and oozes Michigan.  Not every year, but about 1/2 the time maybe.

#1 - give it to Denard.  Give it to clearly a team's legend player/leader.  Once every four years or so.  Usually to a senior.  To a player that will live in Michigan legend.  I now accept this change for the jersey.  Brayon agree.  I think this would be fun.

#2 - best DB, same every couple years or so (same as #21)

as for the other numbers, we'll have difficulites for players wearing #'s not assigned to their position.  Does anyone know if the NCAA can make exceptions for this besides players who play multiple positions?

I, for one, would love to see a RB wearing #98.  That would be awesome.  I have a feeling that young RB's would love it too.  They would be the only player in the country like that - much better than wearing their standard #32, or what not.  That would eventually be a nice draw to high school RB's.  The completely unique and legendary #98.


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Braylon was the only player who ever had to "earn the No. 1 jersey". Everyone else who wore the jersey just had it given to them as a freshman. So while the guys who wore the jerseys did some pretty productive things while wearing it, it was never how it is now. Braylon came in cocky and Lloyd used handing it out as a motivational tool, that's all


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If it's not a recruiting tool, it's just a fancy helmet sticker. Give it to recruits who are studs. Use it to get them to come here. The point was to have the players learn about the special numbers/players. Your can't honor them if no one wears it. Might as well be retired. That's how it was always done with 1. Braylon just wasn't given it because he was in the doghouse and it was something for him to shoot for by towing the line. If there's a #1 next year, it should be Treadwell. (Don't have any problem with RR getting 21; wouldn't have any problem with a freshman getting it either).

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Should the number 77 be designated as a Legend jersey?  Jake Long was an absolute wall at his position.  Maybe the best O-lineman, should get to wear 77.


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Doesn't a whole bunch of special numbers make them all less special?  The 1 jersey was enough.  The reason it became a "thing" is because we had a run of really good WR with that number, the exception being Butterfield.  It went to a freshman, and either he lived up to it or didn't.  

Great Michigan receivers who didn't wear the #1 jersey: Super Mario, Marquise Walker, Amani Toomer, Steve Breaston, Jason Avant, Tai Streets...... (list not comprehensive)

Didn't Derrick Alexander wear the #1?  Did he get it as a freshman? 


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Just a thought, but were I a receiver right now expected to lead this team and step up in a big way, I'd be much more inclined to wear 21, which, I mean, who can't think of JR accepting the MVP in the sugar bowl? Almost seems like everyone but Braylon is avoiding the #1 like the plague. Which is great, in my opinion. Don't make yourself a target. Not to mention, while Braylon was great on the field as a Wolverine, he's devolved into a total diva. His whole scholarship thing is essentially useless, and I hope eventually it gets overhauled.

Hope Roy steps it up big time next year! We need it. Great guy.


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I wish the hype about numbers would stop. I think what makes them great is what you do while wearing it. I wish players would keep their number throughout their time with the school. Make every number count...players did not play better because they are wearing #1 or #21...etc. I would hope player wearing #62 would play the best he can...just as hard as #1. It's the players that wear the numbers that are special...not the number.

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Just think about this folks. We live in a time where a university athletic department issues a press release about a student athlete switching numbers.

Roy Roundtree is 12. He's been 12 since he got here. Instead of giving him 21, he should keep 12 and have a season that makes 12 a "Michigan Legend."

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I like the idea, but Roundtree has worn 12 for 3 years and established himself at that number.  If he had made the switch last year, I would understand.

I like the Legends number and think it should be used more in recruiting and given out to outstanding freshmen or sophomore performers (before they really establish their own Michigan identity).  But sometimes you have to make room for new legends.


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Interesting that the 21 is considered a step below the #1 jersey when the player who wore #21 won the Heisman and was the better player.   Braylon is doing a better job of marketing than Desmond and he needs to give Anthony Carter more pub for this jersey getting this much attention.

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Why do you consider Desmond a better player than Carter?  Don't forget that Carter held all of our career receiving records until Braylon (who played in a much more open offense) finally broke them 20+ years later.  

I don't think you can evaluate different players just based on the awards they won.  Chris Perry is our only tailback to win the Doak Walter Award, but I wouldn't consider him our best back of all time.  He just happened to be the leading vote-getter in his particular year.


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Give it to Countess.

As for #1, I say give it to an incoming freshman that you know will start or play a lot.

As for Roundtree getting #21, I would consider it an honor if I were him getting #21. Otherwise I would want the same number all four years.

My family always wore #36, so I would be begging Hoke for that number lol

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How about #7 for Rick Leach and Chad Henne? To me, #7 is THE number every QB at Michigan should want to wear and further it's legacy.

Henne currently holds every passing record in the single season and career categories. 

Rick Leach was the first QB ever at Michigan to start as a freshman, and was a great speedy one too.