Roy Roundtree article on getting his degree

Submitted by CHI_BLU on December 21st, 2012 at 9:41 AM

Very good write up on Roy Roundtree in the DetNews.

"Roundtree has overcome plenty — a learning disability identified when he was younger, a freshman year in college when he admittedly had too much freedom and fun, and constant public scrutiny after his stellar 2010 receiving numbers dropped significantly the following year and early this season."





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Congratulations to Roy Roundtree for everything that he has done on the field for the Wolverines as well as academically. I remember there was an article back in Septmber specifically about his learning disability and how Roy and his teachers spent hours developing strategies for him, even using football as a vehicle for framing them. All that drive to be successful now has him just 12 credits from an MSW as well as bound for a bowl game, which makes this moment even more special, I imagine. Awesome story, and thanks for sharing, OP.


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You know, you hear a lot of people complaing about the big football schools who admit kids who wouldn't have a shot at acceptance but for their ability to play football, and realistically, at a school as tough to get into as Michigan, that's most of the football team. 

But when kids take their opportunity and make the absolute most of it like Roundtree (and many others) has, it really makes me happy.  He could have done the bare minimum to stay eligible, but he didn't, and he has something great to show for it. 

We like to argue about the definition of a Michigan Man, but this has to be it.

Willis Ward

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Agreed. Accepting kids that otherwise would not be admitted because they are good at an athletic endeavor is what a well rounded school like Michigan should do. They should also make sure that kids that come in with academically weaker pedigrees are given what they need to succeed. Which may be more than the average student and doesn't include clustering them into easy majors/classes. Roy makes me proud as hell to have a diploma from the same school he does.


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A kid with a learning disability is going to end up as a young man with a master's degree from one of the best schools in the country, in spite of putting in the tons of work that he had to for the football program.  

Congratulations are in order for both Roundtree and the University of Michigan.  It's great to see someone prove that many of the "predictors" for academic success don't apply to everyone.

SF Wolverine

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Represented yourself, your team, and your University very well.  Great example of a kid maturing with the help of an athletic program that cares about him as well as what he does on the field.