Ross Taylor-Douglas is transfering

Submitted by greensborohill1 on January 12th, 2016 at 10:08 AM

Per Bill Greene on twitter. He'll be a grad transfer w/ 2 years left.



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Good for him. Got his Michigan degree and still has 2 years to play football and earn a graduate degree. I can't think of a better situation for him.

Go Blue. Good luck.

1 percent

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This is why being an EE would be so important to me. He has 2 years to get his Master's all while on a football scholarship.  Having a Bachelor's from Michigan and a Master's from ____ all while not having paid a dime for school.  That's a hell of an accomplishment.  Of course, when I was a Senior in HS looking at colleges I wasn't going to play school.


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Glad he has his degree and I hope he does very well, wherever he ends up.

I can't say I'm surprised, but it's always a little sad to see things on the field perhaps not turn out the way he would have liked.  But it seems he saw it coming and made sure he graduated first and to that I say Cheers!


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i have no idea how demanding the history program is, but finishing any degree in 3 years while playing football is rather impressive.

hope he lands somewhere good.


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I'm becoming a history buff in my middle age.   Any suggestions as to books that will blow my mind?   I'm currently listening to my second  Will Durant world history book (out of 10 and they are each 30-60 hours) and think it is awesome.   I'm also reading my kids Susan Wise-Bauer's world history books.   Any suggestions from michigan history majors are welcome.


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I just finished "In the President's Secret Service" the other night, by Ronald Kessler.  About a half of it is stories from the inside about assassination attempts, the other half is all the "dirt" about various presidents -- some of it expected, some of it not.  It was a quick, entertaining read, nothing too intellectual.  


Space Coyote

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By Normal Davies. The downside is that there are not enough maps to really make you comfortable with the material in an easier fashion (I am constantly looking things up while reading because of this), but it 1400 pages about European history, from essentially pre-history to now. It covers most topics fairly briefly and goes into detail with some important events with additional subsections that are on the order of half a page to a few pages long. It takes some getting used to reading, but it's jammed pack full of history.

I only read a chapter a year (now on chapter 4) because reading it is so involved and more exhausting than what I tend to want before going to sleep, but it's history if ever there was history.

But I'm not a Michigan History major, so I'm not really qualified to know the best of the best (I've read a decent amount of history books, but nothing compared to those folks).


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Anything by William Manchester. His three volume biography of Churchill ("Last Lion") is great but my favorite is "The Arms of Krupp". Amazing writing style, incredibly easy to read (even on dense topics) and heavy citing of primary source material

Space Coyote

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And as someone that I wouldn't call a fast reader (I honestly still don't understand speed reading, how is that done; I read each word), that sort of major wouldn't even be realistic for me. I feel like most people that get into Michigan are baseline smart enough to have some success at any major (dependent on effort), but I would seriously struggle in History.

I also suck at remembering specific dates;

Also, multiple choice rote memory tests <<< working problems out


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My Aunt can speed read and I've talked to her about it. It really is about reading more than one word at a time. When we say each word in our heads, it slows us down.

Start by trying to read two or three words at a time without saying the words in your head. Then you keep adding words until you can do entire lines and even multiple lines at a time. It takes a lot of practice.

There are more techniques involved, but that's the basic idea.


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I never had a multiple choice rote memory test in any history course at Michigan. Only bluebooks. Write until your hand falls off, or the end of the 3 hours, whichever comes first.

Do students even write in bluebooks anymore, or is it all on computers or something?

Avon Barksdale

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Really was never able to find a spot at running back or in the defensive backfield, but I think he will be a meaningful contributor somewhere else and has two years of grad school paid for. Would really like to see him land on his feet at a P5 school like Syracuse, Boston College, or Pitt.

Toasted Yosties

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more tolerable. There is motivation to graduate and graduate early for the players. It must be nice to have a degree in-hand and have the ability to transfer out without having to sit a year. Think they should remove the rule requiring the student to transfer to a school that offers a degree not offered by their current school, but better than nothing. This takes a layer of slime off of the often slimy recruiting process. Best of luck to him!


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Per Bill Greene at Scout:

"Will have a complete statement shortly. Ross LOVED his time at Michigan, but wants to play football his last two years.

He will have his degree this spring. Will have 2 years of eligibility remaining. 

Received his release after speaking with Coach Harbaugh this morning and is free to transfer without restriction."


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Good for him. Graduating from Michigan with a degree in three years is impressive. He was a team first player as he switched postions multple times with no complaining. That team first mindset that he possesses will serve him very well in his career. Best of luck in everything you do in the future, young man.

East German Judge

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Wish him nothing but the best, hopefully he will not transfer to a rival or team on schedule and come back to haunt us.  And to get your degree in 3 years AND playing football, that is just awesome.  No doubt he will be a success off the field for sure.

Space Coyote

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He played anywhere and everywhere the team needed him, and constantly gave the top units good scout team looks. He never contributed much on game day for Michigan, but don't mistake that for not contributing to the program. Best of luck to him going forward.