Ross Douglas Moving To RB

Submitted by MJ14 on February 3rd, 2014 at 6:49 PM

I can't find any definite online source to post here, but it has been confirmed. Ross will be working with the running backs this spring. Sam Webb talked a little bit about it today. Ross is listed as 5'10" and 176 pounds on the official roster. I would assume he will be a change of pace back/possible 3rd down back. 

Edit: Magnus has a tweet up about it.

Ed-Ace: This originally came from a board post by 247's Steve Lorenz ($):

This one was not reported, but we've been given some great information that redshirt freshman cornerback Ross Douglas will be moved to running back this season. He played the spot on the scout team last season and we're told he was excellent. Remains to be seen whether he'll be in the mix for carries or what.



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Always seemed like a positional tweener there, plus his recruiting class was DB heavy. Great HS running back, if he can pass block he's already a massive improvement.


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If I recall right, he scored 4 TD in the city league championship game playing fullback for the '66 Polk High Panthers. Would have been great in college except he blew out knee, got fat and messed up with that redhead. The man sadly peaked too early in life although he did later found the civic action group NO MA'AM.


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hopefully he shows some promise in pass pro department bc RB game could not have been worse in that area last year.  and really hoping the coaches rep the hell out of RBs in pass pro all spring and summer bc its needed almost as much as competent OL play.  not sure how touissant graduates after 4 years in a major program without learning how to consistently pick up blitz but its unacceptable....and im sure one of the first of many areas nussmeier noted needs major work after watching tape.  theyve had competent and even great pass pro backs in recent memory but its been a while....hopefully nuss and jackson identify and correct these issues (if its determined its not on freddy at this late stage of his career)  bc i can somewhat understand true freshmen struggling a bit but no excuse in the world for FBs and senior RBs to consistently miss assignments, get rocked by rushers or just flat out whiff ....days of the old look out block need to end.  i believe i recall reading douglass was pretty talented RB in high school, enough that some schools recruited him there rather than DB, so excited to see what kind of game he brings to the table.  as of now there should only be 4-5 guaranteed starters across the board next year given 2013 disaster so theres RB snaps to be earned this offseason....get some ross


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Switching Ross is a good move. I saw him play a lot in high school and he's more of a natural at RB than corner.

Any other switches people would like to see? (Please, enough with the Devin stuff) How about Keith Heitzman to TE? He was a sometimes TE on a run heavy team in high school. He could fill the Jordan Paskorz role. I know Heitzman started a few games at DE, but his role was reduced during the season. If younger guys with more upside pass him by, he could find a spot to contribute on offense.

One out of left field that will never happen but would be interesting is moving Jehu Chesson to safety. He was very impressive on special teams. Great nose for the ball and more than willing hitter/tackler. He'd obviously have to add weight and learn the position. His speed and tackling would be intriguing in the secondary.


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Because why? Because we have such a glut of proven wide receivers that we can afford to switch our leading WR or second leading WR (depending on how you view Funchess) to defense?

Personally, I think we should move James Ross to running back and Raymon Taylor to left guard.


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How is it a position of need? Nobody graduated, Raymon Taylor will be a senior, Blake Countess will be a redshirt junior, two freshmen who played a lot are returning (Lewis, Stribling), we have a fair number of guys who are corners but haven't played (Dawson, Richardson, Peppers, Watson), and oh by the way, one of those guys is Jabrill Peppers. That's EIGHT cornerbacks without Douglas in the mix.


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your comment should have followed JBE's.   Anyway, we won't know if this was a good move by Hoke until Fred Jackson compares Ross to Reggie Bush, which should occur immediately  after the first day of spring ball.