Ross Douglas Moving To RB

Submitted by MJ14 on February 3rd, 2014 at 6:49 PM

I can't find any definite online source to post here, but it has been confirmed. Ross will be working with the running backs this spring. Sam Webb talked a little bit about it today. Ross is listed as 5'10" and 176 pounds on the official roster. I would assume he will be a change of pace back/possible 3rd down back. 

Edit: Magnus has a tweet up about it.

Ed-Ace: This originally came from a board post by 247's Steve Lorenz ($):

This one was not reported, but we've been given some great information that redshirt freshman cornerback Ross Douglas will be moved to running back this season. He played the spot on the scout team last season and we're told he was excellent. Remains to be seen whether he'll be in the mix for carries or what.


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We had a couple of nice-looking freshmen.

I also don't get the Wilson negging. He made a few very nice plays over the course of the year, and teams largely avoided him when he was on the field. He was only really a liability in man coverage against big tight ends, and he made the tackle even when he gave up completions.


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Honestly I don't think he is ever going to crack the two-deep at CB and we're thinner at RB so why not? Give the young man a chance to make it on the field


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Interesting. Better than wasting reps at DB. Good running backs can come out of nowhere sometimes. With Rawls gone, Drake Johnson rehabbing, and hopefully Hayes and Norfleet going exclusively to slot it's probably a numbers thing. 


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His freshman Height / Weight, especially his weight, may have changed significantly over the last six months.  It is quite possible he's done some growing and expanding.

Wouldn't it be something if he's now 5'11, 215, hasn't lost a step, and has thighs the size of beer kegs?  

Hey, it could happen.


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He was an outstanding RB in high school - he put up some crazy stats but the coaches felt he was a better fit at CB at this level. Sometimes the coaches are wrong about that, so maybe he'll be that good. Like many have said, we have a lot of good DBs his age, so moving to RB might be his best bet.


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