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I'm thinking this kid would look great in the winged helmet and fits a need at SDE. 6'3" 290 and 32 reps in high school? He could play inside as well. Here's hoping the BBQ is the usual huge success. Sounds like he has great support from his parents and Manning is building a great relationship.…



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As the other posters said, we have a better chance with Roseboro. Additionally, the coaches had Roseboro ticketed as a SDE from the get go but expected Cornell to be a WDE. Once Cornell started growing into more of a SDE, maybe that changed the coaches perspective on Cornell and his abilities. It's better to focus on a guy we have a chance with versus a guy who doesn't seem to interested anymore. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe Roseboro plays FB/RB on his team too which would indicate he has decent athleticism and mobility. Plus, I am sure much of Roseboro's weight isn't good weight and he will shed plenty of pounds when he enters a college strengthening and conditioning program. 


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now, with that in mind, should Cornell become an all american and top ten pick are we allowed to question the coaches judgement? 

Personally I hold the coaches accountable for everyone the offer and anyone the are recruiting and either withdraw an offer or slowplay...




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Cornell cooled on UM.  MSU and OSU were his final 2 from all accounts.  ND and UM behind.  Don't waste resources on someone who is clearly not that into you.  Why they use Sam W for face saving, I don't get but you are right  - Roseboro and Cornell are about the exact same build and both are HS DEs looking like DT weights right about now.


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“I think that (another) thing that made it stand it out was meeting Coach (Hoke), meeting the coach’s wives, and the other coaches. They’re not rushing in and out -- not rushing us from here to there or kind of (trying to) sell themselves. They pretty much let themselves be sold by just acting normal toward us.”

I know it has been discussed before, but it is interesting to see a lot of recruits - particularly some high-profile ones - point this out consistently over the last few yers now. This staff seems to go out of their way to be just people insomuch as a coaching staff can within the rules and I would think this definitely helps us more often than not. 


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The kids and parents see it as very genuine and not BS. It's one of the reasons I want Hoke to be successful. You get the feeling he cares about the kids whether they are All Americans or walk-ons. Some of these big time coaches really screw with kids and then run them off if they don't think they can use them. It's why Mattison came. It's why you don't see much turnover of staff.


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My first question is why did they stop recruiting Cornell because of his weight and potential projection to DT, when it seems like Roseboro is heavier?  Second, the bench press is one of the worst indicators of football ability.  And third, 32 repetitions on a bench press says nothing of his "power" despite the article's reference to it.


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I think it could be how they carry their weight differently, possibly, or if they feel one prospect is 'topped out' as a high schooler or if another they feel is still going to move up the weight scale.  From the article, it states that Roesboro has always been much heavier than he 'looked' or plays.  Maybe the coaches feel that he can cary that weight much better and keep athleticism as a DE, while Cornell's body is really morphing into a sterotypical DT or even NT if he gets any bigger. 


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Shouldn't you know seeming how you know everything there is to know about training and exercise science that when some people gain a lot of weight they lose a lot of speed and athleticism while others gain weight and do not lose anything as far as speed and athleticism?


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LOL, thanks for the compliment!  There are very few hard and fast rules when it comes to exercise science.  As Brad Schoenfeld said "In an applied science like exercise/nutrition, the answer to virtually every question is it depends.  Never and always rarely apply."


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There are a few problems with that logic.  One, how do you define overall strength and how does the strength of one movement correlate to others if you account for body mass?  Two, strength is not a very good indicator of football playing ability when it comes to 1-repetition maximum lifts like squats, benches, deadlifts, hang cleans, etc.  Three,bench press, like any exercise is all about technique and biomechanics.  I doubt many people would say that David Molk is stronger than Ndamukong Suh, yet Molk did 41 reps on the bench and Suh did 32. Having short arms is beneficial to a bench press, however having long arms is beneficial to almost every position in football.  I'm not saying this kids bench press numbers are not impressive...they are.  I'm just saying it is not a very useful judge of much other than being good at bench pressing.


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I agree with this.  The arm length thing is the biggest problem with bench press.  Having short arms gives you a major advantage on a bench press, yet having long arms gives you a major advantage in football, so it can get very tough to tell.  Now, if you compared the bench press of guys with similar arm length, it could be more useful, but by itself it tells next to nothing.


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your point about bench strength and power and having that translate to being a good football player. Yes much goes into it like Balance leverage speed leg strength. It sounds like Roseboro carries that weight very well and to rep 225 32 times in high school is pretty sick. Remember Chris Zorich? If given the choice I'm taking the 6'3" 290 LB kid who reps 32 times and looking forward to lining him up on a kid the same size that reps it once. (assuming it's 225)


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His bench press is pretty impressive.  But, bench press is not a power exercise nor is it an indicator of being powerful as the article said...that was my issue.  A better indicator of power would be like a hang clean, a vertical jump, a broad jump, or a short sprint.  Personally I'd take a kid with good footwork, good change of direction, long arms, and good balance over a good bench press any day.


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I am with Wee on this.  Cole you almost never hear talk about UM.  He seems very quiet in his recruitment.  As was Malik last year.  Harris seems OSU bound.  Forget Campbell long gone.

I think the finish is something like

Roseboro, Wheatley, Weber and 3-4 other prospects.  No idea who those others are but of the guys we are in a strong final 3-5 those seem like the 3 likely and Weber mostly because of Scott to MSU and Harris to OSU.  Weber is supposedly very close to Blackwell and family so that is a wildcard.  KLS just seems like a guy who is staying out west.


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I agree. Cole has not said much about favorite schools or even his position.  Seems like we hear WR but has he stated that is what he wants to play?    I would let him choose but I would like to see him come to Miichigan and play DB.... maybe even Safety.  He looks like the best player in Michigan.  I get the feeling he is waiting to see how our season goes.