Rose Bowl and Afternoon Games Thread

Submitted by Gobgoblue on January 1st, 2019 at 4:37 PM

Some nice games this afternoon.


Iowa beats Miss State.


Right now James Franklin is busy screwing up a huge comeback for Penn State against Kentucky: 

down 6 points on the Kentucky 15, Franklin elects to kick a field goal to make it 24-27 with 4 minutes left.  Looks like Kentucky is about to pull out the win.


OSU vs Washington at 5:00 EST

Texas vs Georgia at 9:00 EST



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I didn't catch the Iowa game, but I read the boxscore. How did Iowa win with negatve rushing yards? I see a ton of return yards ... is that the story?


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I don't give a rat's hairy ass about the Rose Bowl.

But this is the Ohio State offense we will be facing for some time (albeit without Haskins), so it's worth a scouting look.

B1G Winning

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I don’t understand why this is parroted all over the place.

Yes, Martell is a running QB, but in the limited snaps he’s taken this year he’s completed 82.5% of his attempts. 

He has almost double the pass attempts of Dylan Mccaffery and a 30% better completion percentage.

A team like OSU will always have a serviceable QB, which will make it just that much more rewarding when we beat them.

B1G Winning

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I’m not saying he’s going to be the second coming of Haskins.

But how many times have we said “OSU only has (insert quarterback name here) coming back next year, expect a massive drop in production.” only for the kid to come in and light it up.

When we beat OSU, it’ll be because we progress as a team, not because they drop off.


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The superior Big Ten East now 0-3 in Bowl Games, with the Rose Bowl remaining.

The inferior Big Ten West now 4-1, only 6-6 Purdue a loser, 

All four wins by underdogs.

The 3 BT teams favored in bowl games, UM, PSU and Ohio.


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Franklin is still Franklin. Even if you go for it on 4th and fail, you’re still battling the clock. Two outcomes—you convert and are up, or you don’t and are battling to get the ball back JUST LIKE YOU WOULD BE DOING BY MAKING THE FG. This was what, 4th and 6th from the 14? It’s not like it was 4th and 12 from the 30. Franklin gonna Franklin. 


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I only got to see the 1st Quarter live (on a plane, figuring out the rest of the game from message board posts).  But Franklin deserves the most heat for calling a fake punt from his own 28 in the first minute of the game.

Nothing like handing UK momentum from the get-go.  The Wildcats never trailed and that does matter psychologically.

PSU had 1 big loss (Michigan) this year.  Nothing he could do about that.  But the other 3 losses were all 1-possession games.  Franklin, perhaps not coincidentally, made a questionable tactical call on a late 4th down in all of those games (OSU with the run, MSU punting the ball back to them up 3 on 4th-and-3 w/ 1:19 left and they scored and won).



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I didn’t mind the call by Frames.  Four minutes gives your defense two opporunities to hold and a field goals wins it.  It is a coin flip call, IMO.  

And the chick behind McSorely’s dad was ridiculous.

SD Larry

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Will watch the Rose Bowl with the mute button and some music on.  That way won't be too invested if UW fails to pull of an upset.   It will be a beautiful setting, but can't stomach 3.5 hours plus of ESPN deifying Urban, formerly one of their own.   LSU did everything they could to fumble UCF to an undefeated season, but their talent looks like it will prevail.


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I’m not a fan of Franklin but I agree with getting the three points. Four minutes left in the game and Penn State had three timeouts.

You hope your D could get a stop. 


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Kudos and many thanks to we don't have to listen to UCF and their fans chirp for the next several months. The reality is simple - want to get invited to the CFP, join a P5 conference.


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Of course Herbie has to talk about what OSU did to Michigan...its not like they played a game since then and he can use that ...No, have to use any chance you can to take a shot at Michigan . 


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I believe you are referring to the "Urban Meyer Dick Stroking Festival" aka The Rose Bowl.  I will play Xbox One and listen to music and switch over every 30 minutes or so to check the score.  O/U on how many times they show Urban with that smug ass look he constantly has on his face...  50, 100 times?  I don't know if I've ever seen a more punchable face in my life!