Ronnie Bell Interview

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Stumbled across Ronnie Bell's interview from today.  Couldn't help but share it on the board.  Probably one of my favorite interviews of the year thus far.  Kid seems super humble and ready to prove people wrong.  Really enjoyed it and it made me an even bigger fan of the kid.  Hope he continues to develop and has a long successful career.


Honey Badger

October 10th, 2018 at 9:02 AM ^

It is amazing the local schools - Kansas, K-State, and Missouri - had no interest in Bell. How can you have a local kid with almost 90 receptions, over 20 TDS, and 1,600 yards receiving his senior year without a local offer from a mediocre football school? After Harbaugh saw his tape, he said he thought he must not have the grades.

Section 1.8

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To me, the most interesting part (of a really great, really satisfying interview for Michigan football fans) was about Ronnie Bell's recruitment.  I'm not certain if I got the story right, but  it seems that Tom Crean (Harbaugh's brother-in-law as most of you know but what you have to know to get this comment) was doing some basketball recruiting in the KC area and he scouted Ronnie Bell and then learned about his football recruiting and told Harbaugh to check him out. 

(Unspoken in the interview, Ronnie Bell never actually mentioned Tom Crean by name.  He mentioned "Coach Harbaugh's brother in law who is a basketball coach," and I only presumed Crean.  Jim and John have only their one sister Joanie, right?  I don't know more than that and part of what I heard makes me think it is a possibility; Ronnie said something about a coach in that area; I just thought it meant that Crean was in the area on a recruiting trip.  It is all just as interesting, of course.  If there is yet another Harbaugh family coach besides Jack-John-Jim-Jay-Tom Crean, I was not aware of it.)



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When UM offered him, he felt justified in his decision to go for football instead of basketball. 

Reminisced about a conversation (text) he had with a friend about his score Saturday. 

Humble in regards to what star rating he’d give himself. 

Credits Perry for what he learned this fall.

Says Dylan and Shea are both good at what they do and are confident in the huddle. 

Others I forget.  


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Tough to really get a feel for the kid without taking the time to watch it.  But at the 8:10 mark I really got the sense of the chip on his shoulder:


Reporter: "Coach Harbaugh said he was surprised no one else offered you, were you surprised that no one offered you for football?"

Bell: (Shrugs) "Man, I don't know, every Friday, every week, I attacked high school football with everything I had cause I was trying to earn a scholarship from somebody but nobody, nobody wanted anything to do with me."



steve sharik

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If you watched his HS film you aren't surprised he's successful.  I am surprised he's contributing his first year, but the talent jumps out on his HS film.


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As good as I feel about Bell hitting his dream, I feel just as good that Grant Perry is teaching him everything.  Awesome teammate, right there!  And a great route runner and catcher to have as a personal guide...

Edit: To add to Perry's instruction, this Harbaughffense doesn't have a lot of receptions for slot receivers built in.  So yeah, Perry's help is leading to less reps on the field for Grant.  Selfishness - something to be proud of.


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The thing about him is that he seems so natural out there. His first TD catch was so damn smooth and he looked like he's been playing in the system for years. Maybe some of that is just good football IQ or bad play from Nebraska. Probably both but he seems like a complete natural to me. 


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What a terrific young man!!! This is why I have a great deal of respect and appreciation for the job Jim Harbaugh is doing at Michigan. He recruits these outstanding young men then obviously nurtures a very supportive environment  that facilitates a wholistic growth. Having said that, it saddens me when so many, including many on this board, become so hateful and demanding with loses. In interscholastic sports winning is not the end all be all. These kids are human beings who owe the fans nothing...and they do not play for our benefit. I just wish there was a broader understanding and acknowledgment of this. Watch and enjoy these young men competing their hearts out and be gracious to them-win or lose.


Sten Carlson

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This ^^^ x 1,000!

Not to quibble but we’re discussing intercollegiate athletes, interscholastics is high school — but your point comes through nonetheless.  

I’ll never get the venom we see many so-called fans spew towards student athletes.  When someone is a professional, it’s different, although many still take things way too far.  Further, I think many Michigan fans — as represented by what I read in here far too frequently — have allowed their pain and want of wins to cloud their vision of what Michigan football is all about.  To me, above all the winning, Michigan football is about excellence and integrity.  Unfortunately, excellence and integrity don’t always win — especially not in CFB.  Our biggest rivals displays the complete antithesis of this concept, and although they’ve both had the better of Michigan of late, they will never beat Michigan where it really matters.  

Now, don’t get me wrong.  This isn’t some mushy feelingsball bullshit.  I would honestly rather Michigan lose every game it ever plays than have it forsake its integrity in the pursuit of wins.  That, to me, is the Michigan difference.  We’re (almost) always good, and sometimes great, but we NEVER sacrifice the integrity of the university to get there. If that means we don’t win as often as those cheating fucks in Columbus, so be it.  Michigan, especially under a coach like Harbaugh, can have both — not many other programs can do that.  Build excellence, while maintaining integrity.

Although it sickens me, I’m almost proud of the fact that OSU has to pay refs off just to beat us.  Those sorry pathological sacks of shit don’t have enough pride in themselves to allow a fair contest.  They gloat and act like they’ve got the better of us, but deep down inside they know they’re nothing but cheating losers — that’s why, in 2016, they shit the been so badly vs. Alabama.  Every player knew that whomever made the ref fixing happen had so little faith in them that they had to fix the outcome, and it gnawed at their psyche for weeks.  How do you prepare for a game you know you didn’t deserve to be in because the higher ups rigged it?  You can’t, unless you’re a sociopath. 



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"I was trying to earn a scholarship from somebody but nobody, nobody wanted anything to do with me."

He's quiet and unassuming on the surface, but it's obvious he's burning with an intense desire to make people regret ignoring him. Glad he's going to be doing that in a Michigan uniform.

Given his HS record, it's bizarre that Missouri, Kansas, or KSU weren't hot after him.

Clancy's Hands

October 10th, 2018 at 12:14 AM ^

Not holding my breath waiting for apologies from those who attacked Harbaugh mercilessly on this site for giving Ronnie Bell a scholarship (nor am I holding my breath waiting for similar words from those who criticized me for stating that Ronnie Bell had serious skills as evident from the open practice and his HS tape). That some fans think they know more about recruiting than Jim Harbaugh continues to amaze me.



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Sounds like he may have heard some of the BS said about him and his lack of stars...

Wonder if some here might've been apart of that ;)


October 10th, 2018 at 6:26 AM ^

My suspicion is that Michigan has an above average number of coach’s and ex-player’s kids.  I would guess that coach gravitates to them for the reason that he is one himself but also because they most likely enter the program with a clear understanding of expectations.  Way ahead on the learning  curve.

Honey Badger

October 10th, 2018 at 8:38 AM ^

It must of been a great day when Michigan offered him. Imagine the celebration he must have had. Thinking you were going to play basketball just looking for a MAC football offer to Michigan. Just skip right over MAC offers straight to a blue blood.