Ron English is on WTKA telling recruiting stories

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This is some of the best stuff I've heard. Will post a link to podcast when it's over. Highlights include stories about: Jai Eugene, Ronald Johnson, Marshawn Lynch, DeSean Jackson, and Donovan Warren. 




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On mobile, and that link took me to the closing of the podcast.   If anyone wants to go straight to the Ron English segments, the links below should (hopefully) be parts 1 and 2 of the English interview.

Part 1:

Part 2:


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You buried the lead and people might not click the link just for random stories, the stories are how we TURNED DOWN Demarco Murray, Jackson & Beast Mode and had the other guys but one thing or another fucked it up, including LSU buying Eugene at the last minute with a house, a job and a promise to take care of his child for life! He told Ron he couldn't turn all that down, he HAD to go, Ron said you're right, you have to go....

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Guess what the made up word lede means, clown? If the fucking idiots that made up the alternate spelling of the infinitely longer established spelling of the word to "settle" confusion that could NEVER possibly exist, wanted to distinguish the two meanings for the same word then they should've changed the the spelling of the dividing strips on the Linotype that nobody in the public would ever have the occasion to hear about or talk about.

What is the possible scenario or context in which someone would use the phrase in the newsroom or anywhere else in regard to article writing and have somebody think they were talking about literally burying part of the fucking machine?

The phrase existed with the normal spelling far longer than it has with the stupid and fake spelling. Furthermore it's grammatically and linguistically correct, and conveys exactly what it means to anyone that reads it who is capable of understanding the meaning with either spelling, whereas far far far more people in the general public would have no idea what lede means without the the right context, and more who would understand in context but would wonder at the spelling.

Can't paste but read the Webster article "Why Do We Bury The Lede?" Subtitled "We Buried The 'Lead' So Far Down That We Forgot How To Spell It"

Your view is a common mistake, but a mistake none the less... or is that Nun the less? :-D 


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Yeah, college football is probably just as bad as college basketball. This is why I get irritated when people respond to the "$EC" and "O$U" references as "that's just sour grapes." After Maurice Clarrett, TattooGate, and now Urban's cover-up within just the last 15 years, if you don't think that program is dirty to the core, you're kidding yourself. The $EC is even worse, with Cam Newton, Mississippi, etc., etc., etc.... 


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This is my biggest problem with so many fans on here criticizing Harbaugh for not beating OSU and not getting us into the playoffs.  Harbaugh has brought us to the 10-win level 3 out of 4 years (with the 4th year being the O'Korn, 3rd string QB year).  We are at the second highest tier of CFB programs, but the highest tier is populated by teams that anyone with a half of a clue realizes flat out cheat.  Does anyone really dispute that Bama, Georgia, Clemson and OSU are the extreme is slime / unethical / improper recruiting?  

Yes, it would be nice to beat OSU and be up there with those top 5 teams, but the deck is strongly stacked against us.  Say, for example, 3 teams in the NFL were given 3 first round picks every year, including picks 1-3.  Over only a few years, those teams would dominate, not because the other teams don't have good coaching or game plans, but because at the end of the day, the talent differential would be too much to overcome.  That is exactly what we are facing.  It's unfortunate, but I don't see the NCAA doing much about it, so for the foreseeable future, the $EC and O$U will continue to dominate.


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It's possible that Michigan is not intentionally flouting the rules in the way other teams are. I would like to believe it. But: 1. Michigan is regularly landing top ten classes that are ranked among teams like Oklahoma and Texas and USC and Ole Miss and Auburn that we have little doubt are bending rules; 2. Even if Michigan tries to avoid doing the dirty stuff like described for Eugene, it's getting players that have been recruited by dirty schools and that means they've probably gotten bagman cash in the past. 

It wouldn't surprise me if Michigan did not have anyone on the staff that was directly familiar with/coordinating stuff the way Ole Miss was verified to have; it wouldn't surprise me if that was the only real difference.

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This is where I am at.  Certain programs are cheating in ways way beyond what happens at Michigan (or really at the majority of power 5 programs).  The Jai Eugene LSU story, for example.

Yet it seem impossible that Michigan could totally clean, even if they wanted to be totally clean. 

In an system with extremely lax rule enforcement, some participants will cheat wildly.  This leaves the others with little choice but to cheat in smaller ways (or just exit the system).


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I don't think there's any way that Michigan hasn't had athletes on the team who have received "bagman cash" even if none of it came from Michigan. These guys get attention from early on; top 20 recruits, which Michigan has seen a few of, are known from early in high school. Who among them is going to turn down cash slipped to them outside their school or left on their porch?

Even if Michigan has a strict no-bagman rule (I hope we do) certain guys will already have gotten stuff just for being great athletes, from boosters of other schools or from "family friends" who want to get in on a future success early. 

In my opinion.

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To me the situations are cut and dry: 

A) if he's a recruit and the money comes from completely outside the program = no problem

(i.e. support for an athlete no matter what college he attends)


B) if he's a student athlete and the money comes from boosters without the staff's knowledge or

from outside the program = no problem

(i.e. being paid by EA sports to have likeness' and an actual roster in college football games)

That seems fair.


The NCAA has already stolen so much from this game, but how it seems to take away fan reasonableness too is tragic. 


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I would be shocked if there weren't at least some shenanigans here too. The drunk UM booster at an event sliding a player a few hundred bucks, etc. But it is a matter of scale. I think UM has been pretty squeaky clean since the Fab Five thing, so major stuff is avoided. Cam Newton got what, a few hundred thousand? How much would you bet Pryor got at OSU? Cars, houses for family members? I'll bet it was at least that, and that nothing similar has happened at UM in decades. 


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We have a bunch of guys going pro this year and got manhandled by a team that was lucky to not lose 3-4 games this year. 


The team had enough talent. Harbaugh wasnt smart enough to beat Urban. 


College basketball is worse and Beilein still wins championships. Dont make excuses for Harbaugh. 


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Since nobody seems to care - not even the NCAA that's supposed to enforce it - this is essentially going 75 mph on a four lane interstate that's posted at 55 mph. 

It's a violation of a rule that nobody takes seriously as a rule.  So it's de-facto not really a rule.

So fuck it, we should unload the Michigan money cannon and point it directly at Mr. Crouch until the Tennessee coaches say "You're right, you have to go...." 


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Michigan is a real school, not an NFL minor league team dressed up as a school. There's actually a real downside for a school like Michigan (or Standford, or Cal, or UCLA, ect.) getting caught. Michigan trades on academic prestige in a way that somewhere like OSU could never dream. They have football. Michigan has world-class academics and football that's currently good, but not great. 


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Not really. Michigan got caught and got hammered for it. Just like we got hammered for extra stretching under RR. That's because real schools get caught. Minor league sports franchises masquerading as schools are systematic about it and almost impossible to catch. 


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It would be nice if you actually used facts. Ed Martin did not pay players to come to U of M - he paid lots of players, including those at several other Big Ten universities. He was not a bagman in the sense that he directed their destination.

He did not direct or pay them them to go to Michigan. Michigan was just the one penalized, mostly because they associated with Ed and he attended games. There were several other schools that had players who had received money from Ed Martin - Iowa and Illinois I believe.

Was Michigan guilty, absolutely. Were there other schools that were not punished, sure.