Ron English gets a shout-out in

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From Mandel's College Football Overtime:

Two years later, however, English is soon to be back on a lot of prominent athletic directors' radars. He has Eastern Michigan (5-3) off to its best start since 1995. On Saturday, Eastern beat Western Michigan, 14-10, which coupled with a win the week before over Central Michigan gave the Eagles the Michigan MAC Trophy (yes, this really exists).

I'm glad to see English (and Hart) have some success at Eastern.  I hope he stays there for a few years; it's no fun when EMU is a strong candidate to be dropped to FCS. I'd actually love for Michigan to play a "road" game there every once in a while (guarenteed sellout, lots of money for Eastern, easy commute for M fans), but we know DB would never allow that now.



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DB does plenty of things that are worthy of potshots, but not playing at Rynearson isn't one of them.  It's really pointless; any EMU fan who wants to go to the game can usually get tickets anyway.  All it would do is piss off a lot of people who couldn't get tickets.  

It would be almost surreal to see Rynearson actually full, though. 


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The very difficult- Making Eastern not suck. Very few programs are as hampered by they are. Forget facilities and all many others are that close to another school, and that school ALSO happens to be one of the all time powerhouses? (When you're at a lower level, not equal conference rivals).


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But player wise, how many have transferred from here to Eastern? If they were getting our scraps, it might be good for them. But they're not.

The best was when they came to town not this year, but the last time, and BTN or whoever had the video of the drive from Eastern to Michigan Stadium, and sped up it took about 20 seconds.


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MAC teams usually have to put up 9 or 10 wins to even be considered for a bowl.  That said, I haven't followed the MAC this season--I don't know how EMU is looking in the overall standings, but they would get an automatic bid if they win the league championship.


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What English has accomplished at EMU is impressive, but the only way the Eagles are going to a bowl game is if they win the MAC title and given the fact they've already lost to West Division leader Toledo and still have games against Ball State and NIU, I don't see that happening.  Eastern's 3 conference wins have come against Western, Central, and Akron who are all at the bottom of their respective divisions.  They did luck out and draw Buffalo and Kent State for their other cross-divisional games though, but bowl games are still a long way off.


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So, is Carder still the best QB in the state of Michigan (batted balls with :00 on the clock not allowed to affect that decision)?

But seriously, EMU definitely has a very Bo-like feel to it.  Run the ball, stop the run.  Run the ball, stop the run.  Good for them!

If English keeps this up, he won't be at EMU long.  Say, if Dantonio replaces Fickell, then... nooooo way *banging noggin* get that idea outta here.


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While there were very high expectation for him at the beginning of the season, I'm not sure Carder is even the best QB named Alex in the State of Michgan at this point.

Gillett outplayed him in the game, head to head. He did not throw nearly as many times but had almost as many yards and almost the same completion percentage without any picks.


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Usually it's Mike Hart doing the Shouting Out!

I never would've thought that Eastern could beat Western!

I'm happy for Coach English and have a lot of respect for him. He knew the Eastern gig could make or break his career. I hope he lands a big time job in the future!


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I am impressed with the job he's done.  I thought he was nuts to take that position three years ago (and the last two seasons didn't dissuade me) but now he's making me a believer.  Hopefully he can stay there long enough to lay down something of a foundation.

Regarding the Michigan MAC Trophy, what happens if the teams all go 1-1 against each other?  Does it remain in possession of whoever had it before?