Ron English and EMU recruiting

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In this busy season of recruiting, I thought at least a handful of people might be interested to see how Ron English is doing at EMU:…

What I found remarkable there is the lack of players from Michigan.  I realize that stocking a roster with only Michiganders is unrealistic when the in-state competition is considered, but I'm surprised that the numbers are so low.  2010 and 2009 are similar.

Did his Family Values comments ( hurt that much?  Or, has he just kept his focus where there are more players?



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 “We wanted guys that had a father in their background,” said English.”A guy that’s raised by his mom all the time, and please don’t take me wrong, but the reality is that you’ve got to teach that guy how to be taught by a man."


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Dimpus Burger Guy: Uhh, right. Beverage?
Farva: Gimme a litre o' cola.
Dimpus Burger Guy: What?
Farva: [Annoyed] A litre o' cola.
Dimpus Burger Guy: [into mic] Litrecola? Do we sell litrecola?
Thorny: Will you just order a large, Farva?
Farva: I don't want a large farva. I want a goddamn litre o' cola!


Captain O'Hagan: I swear to God I'm going to pistol whip the next guy who says, " Shenanigans."
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Farva: You mean Shenanigans?
[as they hand the Captain their pistols]


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is a few headlines that said something to the effect of "English doesn't respect single mothers" or "kids raised by single parents aren't good enough for English"... stuff like that.  I agree, he should've kept his mouth shut and realized that everything you say can help or hurt when it comes to recruiting.


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In fairness to English, he isn't alone by any stretch with this opinion.  Mack Brown said the same thing for years and it was policy at Texas for years to only take kids from a two-parent background.  He then made an exception for Vince Young because supposedly Vince had "one very strong parent in his life."  I'm sure it had nothing to do with his awesomeness at playing football.

James Burrill Angell

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EMU is the bottom of the barrel for kids from instate. If you're not getting an offer from M or MSU, Central and Western are still better options and my friends who are HS coaches say many kids are picking GVSU over EMU since they'll have a chance to win some championships.

I really don't know what it would take for that program to legitimately turn around. I often wonder whether they ought to just move down to FCS (I-AA or whatever).


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I don't know if it had to do with his comments, but like you said, it's the competition.  It's hard to recruit a MAC bottom feeder when you have the likes of UM, MSU, CMU, WMU and other MAC schools competing against you.

Steve in PA

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There is a situation in the workplace known as, "Promoted to the Level of Ineptitude".

If you are a good worker bee, you will often be promoted to worker bee supervisor.  If you do that well, you are promoted to worker bee manager.  And if you do that well you keep progressing...worker bee director, VP, etc.

Unfortunately, in this scenario most bees eventually reach a level where they aren't doing that well anymore.  That is known as the level of ineptitude and those bees will most likely remain there until they retire if they like the position or move on.

The same thing happens in sports.  Position coaches become coordinators and coordinators become head coaches.  Some people make fantastic position coaches or coordinators, but can't ever get it done as a head coach.  I think RE may have reached his level of ineptitude.

Unfortunately most never realize their shortcomings and don't make changes or accept that they are excellent and the next lower level and embrace it.


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This is actually a well-known concept called the Peter Principle:

For an interesting take on how the Peter Principle relates to Michael Scott in particular, I recommend this:

Not sure why embedded hyperlinking is acting up, but the links themselves should work.


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The first time I read the link I thought it said "Ron English Sells Single Moms Shirt" and I thought why in the hell is he selling shirts? But then I read it again and it wasn't as funny, actually pretty serious.