Roh vs OSU: 1st half

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Upon further review of the 1st half of the OSU game, two huge plays jumped out at me:

First off, the defense played great.  Both 1st half TDs by the OSU offense were due to Craig Roh failing to sack Pryor when he came in unblocked.

On OSU's first TD drive, Roh comes in untouched and has a chance to level Pryor for a drive-ending sack out of FG range.  Instead, Roh gets stiff armed to the ground by Pryor like some Pop Warner pipsqueak and TP ends up completing a long pass down the sideline.  Nuts.

On OSU's third TD of the 1st half, Roh again barrels in untouched and lets Pryor run right past him without so much as laying a finger on him.  So instead of a drive-ending sack or throwaway, Pryor tosses a TD pass to Posey to put the dagger in Michigan.

If Roh makes those two plays OSU's offense probably only scores 2 FGs in the first half.  Instead of 24-7, it would have been 13-7.  But hey, the kid is just a true sophomore, so he deserves some leeway.

I hope he channels the frustration of this game into becoming an absolute beast the next two years.  I'm betting he will!



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Who blew it?! CRAIG ROH?! Look at this overwhelming evidence, I'm blaming our loss on Craig Roh.  But give the kid a break.


Most painful plea for lenience I've heard in a while.  Maybe the thread would be more aptly title "Upon Further Rohview?"


I'm as unhappy as everyone else about how things have panned out the past few years, but maybe it's time to let an ugly game go and not subject it to an even more painful dissection.  We didn't play well, we got beat badly.  But we all know it's overwhelmingly likely there's going to be no major coaching change (if there is, and I hope RR stays) until after the bowl game.  DB probably did not pick up the emergency Harbaugh-phone with a direct line to Stanford.  Whatever it is, we'll know soon enough. 


Edit: you changed the title.  I only take back some of it.


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This is a ridiculous post. The kid comes back from a concussion in the Wisconsin game, gets put back at linebacker again. What player has been jerked around with more than Roh this year by GERG. Kid has great potential and will play on Sundays. Let's talk about all the other bad plays in the game. It's a long list. Lots of people to pick on!


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Journalists who can't handle that QB doesn't just mean white dude who throws the ball well. He was offensive player of the year because he was the best offensive player, however, he was not a traditional QB, and the discounting because of his lack of passing ability/stats unfairly counts more than the bump he deserves due to his legs.


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He's a good player,but if he wants to play DE he should never lose contain to the outside. When he rushes in he needs to be more in control and flush play to the inside.


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On the stiff arm, he pushed Pryor into a rushing RVB and Mouton both of whom did not contain Pryor on the other side. On the second play it looks like he took outside contain and was expecting someone to fill on the inside. Pryor usually bumps to the outside and I think that is what he was expecting. Playing linebacker all year in pass coverage did not help Roh at all.

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If and when Roh and other young defensive players recieve some quality coaching they will improve.  Remember  early in the year when we all thought that the young players would improve during the year?  They seem to have gotten worse.  This can only be poor coaching.