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A nice little article by Angelique Chengelis (UofM beat writer) about Denard through the perspective Rich Rodriguez. 

Remember, this is about Denard and not Rich Rodriguez so lets all keep the RichRod flaming out this. There are few people who can talk about Denard as a player and as a person so I found it nice to see the love that Rodriguez still has for him even though he is no longer here.…



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RR finding Denard is exactly half of the equation. The other half: Thank God Denard stayed! Denard has become one of my all-time favorite Michigan players, too!

Who could ever forget the first time Denard touched the football in his career and how it became representative of the excitement he brought to the game?

Thank you Denard. Go Blue!


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Everytime someone complains about Denards passing I think to myself, what if Denard was in his 4th consecutive year with the same coach and coordinator AND running a system he was built to run.  Most often I feel Denard would have been in the heisman race each year.  Though injury is another issue.


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the biggest thing for me is just that he wasn't recruited as Tom Brady 2.0 by anyone. In RR's mind (from what I know of his system) he was recruited to scare defenses with his running enough to open up wide open passes, which were the passes he was expected to hit. When called on to do this, he's done a pretty good job.


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I will always have a good word to say for Rich Rodriguez for bringing Denard Robinson to my alma mater.

Charles Woodson was a freshman the year I graduated.

Special players are special.

Darker Blue

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Like many others on this board, I too will have tears in my eyes when Denard sets foot The Big House on Saturday. I love every single player to wear the Winged Helmet, but Denard was just different. He was the Brightest light in the world, during the darkest days of our program. He's never done a thing but represent the University of Michigan with class. I love this kid with my whole heart and I'm not ashamed to admit it. 


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Grown men expressing love to DR is OK in this context. Man, he's been a great competitor on the field and ambassador off it. He's like Jonathan Seagull soaring above some horrible defenses and the whole RR turmoil.

Just seeing him in the stands at the Clev State game gave me a burst of energy. The dude is awesome.


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"I only talk about players who play for Arizona"

But seriously, Denard is probably my favorite Michigan athlete of all time now.  Watching him party as part of the Maize Rage put him over the top.  He's the kind of on-the-field athlete that comes around only once a generation.  On top of that, he's one of the best ambassadors for the university that we have ever had.  I wish to God that he could have gotten that rushing record to cement his legacy.  He is the Michigan Wolverine version of Barry Sanders -- an incredible player who succeeded under circumstances both good and bad -- but mostly bad.  And also a guy who, unfortunately, will always have his detractors because he never won a title and because he had some bad games against good teams.  Someday, I expect us to have another dominant shutdown corner like Charles Woodson or a spectacular returner/WR like Desmond Howard or Anthony Carter, but we have seen the only Denard Robinson.  I hope that the speculation that Denard isn't healthy enough to play this Saturday is wrong.  I want to see him get one more game in the Big House.  He deserves it. 


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... again ever either.  I've been watching football for thirty+ years and never seen anything like him.  He was a 5'9" WR (and I'm pretty sure I don't believe the 5'11" or taller numbers occasionally mentioned - I've stood next to him with my 5'9" dad) who dominated college and was good enough to play in the NFL at WR for 11 years (9 full seasons).  

I'm not sure that's ever going to happen again, much less at Michigan.  Some players are sui generis - Anthony Carter was one, and Denard Robinson is likely another.




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I liked Rodriguez before he came here and still do.  I enjoyed watching them beat USC this year. 

I am grateful that he had the vision, and confidence, to bring one of the classiest, most electrifying football players ever to Michigan.


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For all that might have gone wrong with Rich Rodriguez's tenure at Michigan, he got it right by recruiting and convincing Denard Robinson to become a Michigan Man.  Another thing that he got very right was his (and Mike Barwis's) devotion to the Mealers after the tragedy that changed the Mealer family on Christmas Eve in 2007.

Many members of Team 133 may have no relationship with Brock Mealer, but the seniors should know him. That day in September 2010 when Brock, Elliott and their mother and brother led Team 131 onto the field – and all the YouTube clips showing Brock's subsequent progress – are great examples of how to make us smile and cheer threw all the tears.

On Saturday afternoon when people at Michigan Stadium rise to "Cheer The Beard" to honor Elliott and the beard he has kept since Team 133's pre-season Navy Seal training in California, it also might be nice if they have a chance to give Brock another ovation. 



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Rodriguez Lovers:  What a show of class by Coach Rod!  Imagine how many more yards Denard would have if RichRod was still the coach!  Fire Borges!

Rodriguez Haters (skimmed article or didn't read it):  DickRod has such an ego.  Tries to take credit for Denard and Michigan winning the last few years.  If he was still coach Denard would be hurt worse and Michigan would be an even worse embarrassment!  Thank God coach Brady Hoke pulled Michigan away from nancy ball and instilled TOUGHNESS and GRIT into these players.  Hopefully DickRod just goes away.

Everyone else:  Nothing to see here. 


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I mean he oops dropped the ball, this sucks, oh no wait he runs for a touch down.  I wonder wheather he is a super hero or the guy that drops the ball.  Now that I have seen him for four years, I still don't know if I am watching a great player making plays or someone incompetent that is so talented it still works out.