Rodriguez and Belein similarities

Submitted by Papochronopolis on September 17th, 2009 at 10:39 PM

After seeing a post quoting Belein on how up and down the second year can be, I started to think about how similar our two biggest sports' coaches and teams are based on the early football season. My thoughts:

1) Both coaches have unique, successful offensive systems that change based on the players used

2) Both systems require the players to be smart and understand a variety of different looks, make a variety of decisions

3) Both coaches had dissenters but are completely embraced by the remainder of the team (well..took a bit of time for Manny but)

4) Both teams have one big star (Tate, Manny), and another great player to fall back on (Minor, Peedi)

5) Both teams had big early season wins in their second year (ND, UCLA) that were won due to the opponents inability to defend the offense

6) Both coaches have one hell of a future lined up for their respective programs

As our bball struggled in several games last year, I expect the same of our football team. But, I do believe that the consequences of those struggles are much more manageable over the course of a football game than a basketball game. Also remember how much M's defense improved over the course of the Bball season. I'm assuming that our football defense has to and will improve over the course of the year. But, I really hope it's not exactly the same since we didn't beat OSU in Bball last year!

All in all, As a life-long Michigan fan (23 yrs) I couldn't be more satisfied with the coaches we have in these two programs. I now actually think that one of these years we could potentitally pull a Florida and win NCs in both sports.

What do you guys think, do the coaches/teams have any more similarities? What are some differences?