A-Rod Visits UofM Athletic Campus

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Not really sure what precipitated this beyond the Yankees trip to Detroit - and I'm sure most on this board don't care for him - but Alex Rodriguez was apparently on UofM's campus today taking a tour of the athletic campus with stops at Michigan Stadium and the baseball complex. At the very least, it's nice to think that such a prominent athlete without any connections to the school holds Michigan athletics in such high esteem that he deems it worth a trip out from his likely busy schedule.

Perhaps Jeter played a role in this?





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He's sitting next to the Wilpon Baseball and Softball Complex, named after the owner of the New York....Mets.  Yes, A-Rod spurned the Mets (his childhood favorite team) and chose to play for the Rangers back in the early 2000s.  Man, do I hate this guy.

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Gotta be Derek Jeter's influence.  Jeter was a Michigan student for one term, was recruited seriously for football, and had more than a passing thought that he might play some football for Michigan.

Jeter remains a huge Michigan fan.


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where Jeter had brought two or three of his Yankee teammates.  It might have been a home game with OSU.  Saw the televised version, and of course the cameras and commentators found them on the sidelines.  All smiling and enjoying themselves.  Pretty sure A-Rod wasn't one of them, but seem to recall they weren't guys who would've played in the NCAA, I think from Latin American countries, and Jeter wanted to share the college experience with them.  That very specific, ultimate college experience.

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Jeter did this for both home OSU games during my time at Michigan. I don't think A-Rod ever made it out to those two, but I had though I had seen him at one more recently. The crew Jeter brought always included Gerald Williams and Posada. Hilariously, I remember one occasion where he brought Tanyon Sturtze who unsuccessfully attempted to play the "I'm on the Yankees" card to a group of co-eds at Rick's who probably didn't believe him because they had no idea who Tanyon Sturtze is.


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jeter and some yankees teammates made an appearance in Fall 03, the weekend of the OSU game.  the guys all sat front center court that fri night for a basketball game, and were on the sidelines for the football game.   my memory is a bit shoddy, but for sure jeter and Mariano Rivera were there... don't remember about ARod.


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Yeah, he's definitely still a huge M fan.  He was in town for the UM-Ohio game in 2005.  Got a chance to meet him and chat with him at Ricks that weekend.  He seemed pretty cool and was pretty approachable.  I thought it was cool that he was just chilling there and nobody was really bothering him.


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A Michigan hat on a website talking about famous Michigan fans, but in a quick search on my phone, I didn't find anything. I'll look again later and try to find it. Taking a tour of the facilities seems to indicate at least some affection for Michigan though.


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and its so 1986....looks like he slimmed down a bit as well.

A guy who I used to work with told me this story.  He was a good HS pitcher and went down to Miami to play in an All Star game vs. A Rods team in the early 90s.

First pitch to A Rod and he took this guy deep...400 ft home run.  3rd inning comes around, this guy I knew decides to get cute so he puts one in A Rod's ear.  A Rod rushes the mound and punched this guy in the side of the head.  He still has a welt mark there 19 years later.


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Not the best picture, but you get the idea. She's a looker. She sits there every game that I've attended so far, presumably so she has the best (disinterested) view of A-Rod at third. Recently discovered that she's also a former pro wrestler...intersting how some things come to be. 

Anyway, if you look closely in the background, you can see Granderson up to bat. He's really the only reason I go to watch that God forsaken club. Go Tigers!


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To counter, Mark Dantonio has invited Brandon Inge and Ryan Raburn to view their athletic facilities in East Lansing.


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for a split-second I thought it read, "RIch-Rod visits UM Athletic Campus."

I'd like to be a fly on the wall for that visit...