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Submitted by archangel2k12 on August 18th, 2011 at 12:11 PM

Apparently, the rock band, Pop Evil, has recorded a Michigan Football tribute song.  The song will be released at the end of the month and they made a 'teaser trailer'/hype video for it.  I found it here:  and it is pretty cool.  This is my first time starting a topic.  Hope the embed works.




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It is just a preview of the song. 

Disclaimer:  Not a big fan of this genre.  I actually can't stand rock music anymore.  I listen to a lot of Metal.  Most hype vids have hip-hop or just beats...this is a little different.  I thought it was cool that a band would write a song for the Wolverines and it talks about tradition and believing...


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What is the difference between rock and metal?

Disclaimer: I am old. You probably guessed it since I don't even have a clue that there is that much difference between various rock genres.



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Although I cringe when people say they can't tell the difference, I can step outside and understand why.  You can ask 5 metalheads this question and get 5 different answers, but the quickest way I can say it is that Metal is generally more complicated.  Metal=Quantum Physics and Rock, appropriately, is Geology.  I could probably write a DIARY about this subject, but this is not the place.  Have a wonderful day, Baldbill.



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Metal is a sub-genre of Rock. I think you paint with a pretty broad brush when you say that Metal = Quantum Physics. There are certain metal bands that just bang on the drums and strum as fast as they can while moving their fingers to different notes in a single scale.

In general, I'd agree with you, though. Metal bands tend to have a better understanding of music theory than the standard pop-rock stuff you hear on the radio. There are lots of bands in different genres that have a great understanding of music theory, though. Metal, to me, seems to have heavier distortion and more complex riffs and solos.

My analogy would be Rock is physics; Pop-rock is algebra-based Newtonian physics that you learn in high school where they give you the equations; Metal is calculus-based Newtonian physics; any band that transcends genres is Quantum Physics and that generally is going to be a personal preference.


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This is not the worst thing I have ever seen (see: Freakbass), but in general I think bands should just avoid writing songs about sports teams, particularly a team I love.

Unless of course the band is writing a horribly embarrassing song about a rival. That's ok.


August 18th, 2011 at 12:57 PM ^

First of all they lost me with the line "we're gonna get loud". I was thinking...srsly.

Second, is this the same band that sings the god damned WWE theme song? Freakily (and crappily) similar to a Nickelback tribute band.


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If this was Dave Brandon initiated, I might have to rethink my stance on him. Please tell me this won't ever be played in the stadium...


August 18th, 2011 at 1:27 PM ^

I haven't seen anything indicating this is officially approved by the athletic department. For one thing, the "Hold the rope" sign is very visible early on, and since that was an RR catchphrase, I would be surprised if it didn't get painted over soon after Brady arrived.

But aside from that, burn it with fire. The lyrics sound like they were written by a middle-schooler, and this variety of rock—whether you call it metal or something else— is just highly amplified noise with no musical hook or interest.

*Archangel, this isn't intended as a shot at you. Everybody's got an opinion when it comes to music, and you're gonna hear them all in response to this.