Robert Griffin (?) vs. Denard

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Does anyone know anything about Baylor's QB, Robert Griffin?  ESPN,com just dropped this gem:

Fast quarterbacks are all the rage. There's Taylor Martinez at Nebraska and the maize and blue blur that is Denard Robinson, but Baylor's Robert Griffin likely has a step on all of them. He'll need it to run past TCU's defense.

I find it hard to believe that a 6-2, 220 pounder has a step on Denard.  But my ignorance is bliss.



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I've seen Griffin live. The guy is fast. He's more a Pryor/Vince Young type in that he is glide fast. He also set the record for most pass attempts by a starting freshman without an interception with something like 220 to start his career.  He almost made Baylor decent 2 years ago. That's not something to take lightly.


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Can someone explain to me what this means? It seems like people have started using the term without a clear definition for it.  My impression is it describes bigger guys with bigger strides. They don't look like they're moving fast, but they're covering a lot of ground.  Is that what "glide fast" means or am I missing something? Can little slot-guys be "glide-fast"?


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I looks like he would have been an ideal prospect for us instead of Terrel Pryor that year.

Griffin completed 142-of-236 passes for 1,994 yards with 21 TDs and 7 interceptions as a junior, leading the Bulldawgs to the Class 4A Division I state title game. His post season honors included a selection to the District 16-4A first team. Griffin, also one of the top sprinters in the nation, received the Gatorade Texas Boys Track & Field Athlete of the Year award after setting state records in both the 110-meter (13.55 seconds, [with a personal best of 13.3]) and the 300-meter (35.33 seconds) hurdles. His personal best time in the 400-m is a scorching 46.9. Rated as the No. 3 prospect in Central Texas for 2008 by Texas Prep Insider.


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No doubt Robert Griffin is a good player, and no doubt he's fast.  It's up for debate who I'd rather have as a starting QB, but what I don't think is up for debate is who is actually faster. 

Denard Robinson is unequivicably faster than Robert Griffin.  Denard might actually be the faster starting QB in major college football, ever.  There are only a handful of players in the NCAA right now faster than him, at any position.


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I'm saying that it's by no means cut and dry as to who would be more successful in this offense - 2010 Robert Griffin or 2010 Denard Robinson.  I like DR as much as the nexy guy, but had we recruited Griffin instead, we might be even better.  Or maybe not, I don't know. 

Just because something is debatable doesn't mean that I'm actually debating it with anyone.


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strikes me as a real difference maker with Denard is just not the flat out wheels, but the quick burst to get to top end speed.  It's like he's catapulted. The 87-yarder was a pretty good example as he works along the line patiently, makes the little move to the outside and then "boom", warp drive nearly instantaneous once he cuts up field.  It was one of the things that stood out to me from the spring game footage. I remember thinking to myself, "Man, he doesn't need much room or time to get up field."


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I attend Baylor University, and Robert Griffin is fast, but not as fast as Denard. He tore his ACL last year against Northwestern St, and in their first game this year he had a 30 yard TD run against Sam Houston St. where he didn't look as explosive as he once did.

He enrolled early at Balyor and as a 17 year old and in his first semester on the track team won the 400 hurdles at Nationals and made it to the semi finals in the Olympic trials.

He may have been as fast as Denard his freshman year, but this year he looks like he may have lost a step.

Six Zero

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Gottlieb made some sort of comment with Herbstreit today that Griffin is a better athlete than Denard.  I started to furrow my brow until I remembered that it was Doug Gottlieb, then I just sort of chuckled.

He must be married to the granddaughter of Walt Disney himself, because I cannot think of any other person who doesn't deserve his/her job more (less?) than Doug Gottlieb.


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Before he gave up track to focus on football, Griffin was considered  likely to compete in the 2012  Olympics in the 400M hurdles. I'd give him the advantage over Denard for athleticism. 


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What I think is crucial to the debate would be a race in pads in a game situation, with my job I'm forced to watch sportscenter 8 hours a day and they showed denard taking 8 steps to cover 20 yards in his touchdown run at that papist school. Combined with the analysis by I other which mgoblogger, I'd wager denard is faster in game situation and Griffen is faster in a pure track like sprint.

A lot contributes in my opinion to a running qb's speed, mainly awareness.


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as fine a talent as DR is (I've previously posted on this board how much I've enjoyed watching him play), you BT guys aren't used to this style QB like we are in the BXII (speaking as a Nebraska fan). We've had many, many QB's in the DR mold, we could start most recently with Vince Young, some of you might even remember Heisman Trophy winner Eric Crouch, or maybe the really old posters here know something of the greatest QB never to win the Heisman, "Touchdown" Tommy Frazier: 6-foot-1, 190 pounds, lead his Nebraska team to back-to-back national championships, played in 3 and only player ever to win MVP of three national championship games.


My point is, no disrespect to Michigan fans,  we know a dual threat QB when we see one , believe me Griffin can be scary, especially before he was injured plus he plays for a crap team. Enjoy Denard while you have him, he's great, but not unique except to BT play.  Good luck the rest of the season.