The road to the Tip Off NIT Championship

Submitted by ClearEyesFullHart on November 12th, 2012 at 11:16 AM

The road to the Tip off NIT Championship begins in Crisler tonight with Michigan taking on IUPUI at 9PM(ESPNU).

The Cliffs notes version: If Michigan can hold serve on their home court, they move on to Madison Square Garden to play Pittsburgh, and possibly Virginia or Kansas state in the championship. But lets not put the cart before the horse. Tonight Michigan takes on IUPUI. (Dylan's preview lives here.. ) Turns out IUPUI is coached by

NTTodd Howard...Maybe

No, NTTodd Howard either...

Dylan sums up the difficulties Mr. Howard might face this year(you know, besides the dental work and laser hair removal)

"Things won’t get any easier for Howard in his second season as he loses his top scorer (Young), rebounder (Christian Siakam) and point guard (Stephen Thomas) from a year ago. "

After Michigan takes IUPUI behind the woodshed, it will be either Cleveland State or Bowling Green for the chance to go to NYC...

I dont know that New York City is ready for GRIII Mitch McGary et al... They might have just a little bit of fun.



November 12th, 2012 at 12:45 PM ^

Why does the #2 seed get set up to likely play a lower seed in the 2nd round than us (#8 seed Delaware for them, and #7 CSU for us)?  Not that it really matters too much, although Cleveland St. does lightly scare me with the hell of a season they had last year.  But still, it doesn't make much sense...


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Forgive my laziness in not wanting to look this up.  I'm hoping some might just know off the top of their heads.

Is the pre-season NIT always set up like this? I.E. 4 teams they clearly want to get to MSG, and a bunch of patsies? 


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Anyone looking for tickets to any of the upcoming NYC basketball games, feel free to check out the ticket options from the NY alumni club.  Slightly better pricing available than what you would pay through ticketmaster.

For the NIT, the alumni club has seats on hold with MSG and will purchase as soon as its confirmed that Michigan is into the semis.  If they fail to make the semifinals, all will be refunded in full. (also, if you purchase the 11/23 tickets, its assumed that you want to watch Michigan play basketball on Friday, regardless of whether it is in the consolation game or the finals.)

U-M Alumni Club of NY NIT ticket info here.


U-M Alumni Club of NY Dec 15 ticket info here.